2020-2021 Academic Catalog

English (AENG)

AENG 201   Literature   3 Units

This course will focus on critical thinking and research based writing through comparative and interdisciplinary analysis. Alongside lectures and class discussions, the study of representative great works of Western and non-Western literature from the 17th century to the present will emphasize the literary, cultural, and religious significance of these texts.

AENG 202   Contemporary Literature   3 Units

This course offers an opportunity to become careful and critical readers of literature while learning to identify the patterns and forms writers use to construct meaning. We will sample a variety of genres in literature in English to gain a broader understanding of the art of literature, and to consider how the modes of literature inform meaning.

AENG 203   Modern Film   3 Units

This course explores a range of American movies released in the modern film era. Focusing on filmmaking techniques, analysis of major themes, and industry trends, this course asks students to engage and examine the impact of one of the most powerful cultural forces today - the motion picture industry.