Applied Liberal Arts (ALA)

ALA 302   The Human Dimension   3 Units

This course will examine the human experience from the disciplines of psychology, sociology and anthropology, as students explore how humans interact individually and within social structures and gain in understanding of human motivation and behavior.

ALA 303   Problem Solving in Today's World   3 Units

This course will explore how people reason and solve problems in today's world through the exploration of the theory and practice of rational inquiry including statement logic and good practices of argumentation. Topics may come from public policy, life choices, science, the arts and/or professions as students study elements of Statement Logic (including formal and informal fallacies) and sharpen rhetorical and reasoning skills in researched writing.

ALA 304   Your World in Context   3 Units

The historical and political contexts of contemporary culture will be examined in this course as by way of the text and reflection upon an author's life retrospect as students consider how events in the past influence the present and how they can organize and apply this knowledge to their careers and lives.

ALA 305   Christianity and Contemporary Culture   3 Units

This course will help students become aware of the Christian worldview and the system of evaluating sources of information for culture and theology, enabling them to better answer questions concerning life issues and choices in the Christian context as they examine their own beliefs and compare them to what Scripture teaches.

ALA 306   Issues in Literary Criticism   3 Units

Developing skills and using critical strategies to read and analyze literature will be emphasized in this course through the reading of a number of critical essays and a variety of literary works.

ALA 307   Cultural Influences   3 Units

In this course, students will explore how the arts shape and reflect the culture in which they are produced through the examination of representative works from a particular historical period. Students will identify artistic themes, analyze the influence of the arts, and grow in their appreciation of their value of the arts in their lives.

ALA 309   The Physical World   3 Units

Students will examine how the physical sciences impact and inform life, provide the conceptual framework upon which modern civilization is built, and explores the rich, multi-faceted interface between science and Christianity in the context of the physical sciences.

ALA 310   The Making of Our Reality   3 Units

Students will learn to demonstrate an understanding of how modern philosophy impacts the various disciplines of the natural sciences, arts, social sciences, theology and philosophy in this course.

ALA 311   Writing in the Workplace   3 Units

In this course, students will explore the basics of good writing including the proper application of grammar and APA (American Psychological Association) style rules and the use of technology to access and share information is also examined.

ALA 312   Communication in the Workplace   3 Units

The process of effective non-verbal communication will be discussed in this course, as students have the opportunity to explore, both in written and oral format, a student selected aspect of work-place communication.

ALA 411   Digital Literacy and Research   3 Units

This course provides students with the opportunity to apply their informational and communication technology skills while working in a team environment. There will be an emphasis on digital literacy, effective electronic research and communication skills, and current issues related to the impact of information and communication technology.

ALA 412   Quantitative Skills in the Workplace   3 Units

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the quantitative skills required to cope with the practical demands of daily life. Critical thinking and problem solving are an emphasis, with the application of quantitative skills to real world scenarios requiring reasoning from evidence.

ALA 413   Psychology in the Workplace   3 Units

Students survey the basic behavioral science research and thinking as they contribute to industrial and organizational psychology, including worker attitudes and theories of motivation, organizational structure and communication, theories of leadership and decision making, conflict resolution, and methods of personnel selection and appraisal. Students enrolled in this course may be required to share information regarding their personal life, family, or relationships.

ALA 414   Self Exploration and Career Development   3 Units

This course will increase self-understanding and self-awareness in relation to interests, skills, needs and values. Students will learn about how to capitalize on opportunities that will build skills and experiences in order to be more competitive in their careers.