Science (ASCI)

ASCI 201   Integrated Science and Lab   4 Units

This course will integrate the scientific thought process with a study of the various natural science disciplines. Lab time is included in the schedule.

ASCI 202   Principles of Scientific Thought   4 Units

This course will introduce students to the scientific truths of the biological sciences discovered through the hypothetical deductive approach and their applications to life and limitations for society.

ASCI 203   Astronomy with Lab   4 Units

This Astronomy with Lab course will introduce the student to scientific research. Although the specific research area is visual double stars, the lessons learned in planning a research project, writing a research proposal, gathering and analyzing observational data, drawing conclusions, and presenting the research results in a published paper and public presentation, are generally applicable to all scientific research and projects. There is a fee associated with this course. Prerequisite: AMTH 101 or equivalent.