2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Director of Christian Education (DCE)

DCE 401   Introduction to Christian Education   3 Units

Students will be introduced to the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian education within the church. Students will meet and observe Christian education practitioners, create a philosophy of ministry, begin a professional portfolio, and explore their personal interests, giftedness, and skills in relation to those needed for success in Christian education leadership as well as determine their commitment to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Director of Christian Education program.

DCE 402   Church Leadership   3 Units

This course teaches planning, administration and leadership skills important to the development, management and evaluation of Christian education ministry programs.

DCE 432   Methods of Christian Discipleship   3 Units

Examines theory and practice of discipleship, catechesis, and spiritual formation as conducted in the ministry of the church. Focuses on planning, managing, delivering, evaluating, and integrating Christian teaching into the life of the church.

DCE 450   Counseling in Ministry   3 Units

A foundation course providing an understanding of the content and process of counseling specific to a ministry setting. Specific aspects of the counseling process addressed include basic skills, legal and ethical issues, crisis intervention, cultural sensitivity, how and when to refer, and the integration of psychology and theology.

DCE 460   Adult Ministry   3 Units

This course will look at adult learning theories, faith development, and discuss andragogy as it relates to the planning of effective adult education programs in a local congregation.

DCE 470   Children's and Family Ministry   3 Units

A study of the church’s ministry with children from birth to twelve years of age. Emphasizes faith development theories; family and intergenerational ministry; teaching techniques related to children’s and family ministries; involving children along with their families in the total life of the church; and planning, administering, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive ministry to children and families.

DCE 480   Youth Ministry   3 Units

A course which provides students basic foundations of parish youth ministry and an opportunity to better understand the current youth culture. Supplies a variety of organizational models and an opportunity to develop programming skills needed for successful parish youth ministry. A fieldwork component is required.

DCE 493   Pre-Internship DCE Ministry Fieldwork   3 Units

In this course students will spend time on-site in an LCMS ministry to acquire experience and skills related to DCE ministry, including evaluation of the fieldwork experience, with an emphasis on the development of leadership skills vital to DCE ministry through hands on ministry projects.