Education: Research (EDR)

EDR 601   Action Research Project   3 Units

Students enrolled in EDR 601 Action Research work with their faculty advisor to finalize planning, implement the action plan, and write the action research report. Students collaborate online, and when necessary face-to-face, with their faculty advisor to share and discuss the progress of their project. Ultimately, students will share and discuss their action research project at oral presentations. After each presentation, students will be expected to field questions from the audience about the project. Graduation Application Fee: $184.

EDR 603   Independent Research Paper and Oral Presentation   1 Unit

Students will learn about the full research process during EDU 580. However, rather than follow through with the implementation of the intervention considered in EDU 580, students will build upon the literature review work completed in 580. The independent research paper engages the student in the summary, synthesis, and interpretation of relevant literature on a research problem. Information below, which pertains to writing the Capstone research paper, will apply to an EDR 603 student. An oral presentation involves a critique of the relevant issues and research on the problem. This capstone experience requires the student to enroll in one additional 3-unit course in the student’s area of concentration to fulfill the total number of units required for the student’s program. Graduation Application Fee: $184.

EDR 605   Collaborative Action Research Project   3 Units

During this course, the students enrolled work in collaborative groups and with their capstone advisor to finalize planning, implement the action, and write the action research report. An oral presentation upon completion of the project involves a critique of the students' action research experiences. Graduation Application Fee: $184.