Education: Ed Technology (EDUT)

EDUT 501   Educational Technology Teacher Leadership   3 Units

This course will examine the role of educators in transforming teaching and learning through the integration of technology. The culture and politics of change will be explored through interaction with various members of the school community including administrators, teachers, learners, parents, and community leaders and develop the leadership qualities and skills necessary for making change happen at the classroom level. In addition, this course will provide an introduction to the Common Core State Standards as a case study in change processes and technology integration.

EDUT 520   Curriculum Design and Assessment   3 Units

This course operates on the assumption that graduate students have prior knowledge in the process of curriculum design and assessment. The course will both begin and end by asking students to compose a definition of curriculum and assessment that reflects their own personal philosophy of education both for what it has been and then for what it should be. Students will explore the Common Core Standards, examine global and economic forces driving education policy and reform, and discuss how advancements in research and technology both for teaching and learning should be applied in the context of their own learning organization.

EDUT 521   Leveraging Technology for All Students   3 Units

The 'typical' learner in today's American classrooms represents a wide range of learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds. This course will prepare students to integrate a variety of technology-based strategies into classroom instruction and assessment in order to meet the diverse needs of students, whether or not they are diagnosed with disabilities. Students will be introduced to teaching styles, strategies, and technology that will give all learners access to successful learning opportunities. Topics will include differentiated instruction, Universal Design for Learning, and assistive technologies.

EDUT 522   Emerging Learning Technologies   3 Units

In this age of rapid technological advancement and digital immersion, it is imperative that educators become aware of new technologies and related pedagogies. More than that, educators need to continually assess and reflect on the impact of the integration of such tools on the learning process. Students will be challenged to evaluate new technologies, creatively apply them to classroom experiences, and actively seek to stay informed about future trends and innovations.

EDUT 523   Collaborative Design for e-learning   3 Units

This course will provide an overview of online educational delivery models, strategies, and platforms. Concepts learned and practices will be applicable to the design of a wide range of eLearning environments including traditional classrooms, blended or flipped classrooms, and fully online courses.

EDUT 531   Nurturing Learning Communities   3 Units

There has been significant growth since the 1990s there has been significant growth in the recognition of the value of collaborative activity in the learning process as well as in the development of technology to support such collaboration. This course will describe and demonstrate how learning communities and technology intersect. Students will gain insights in the ethical and appropriate application of social learning concepts to learning in their classrooms and to their own continuous professional growth process.

EDUT 547   Brain-Based Teaching and Learning   3 Units

This course is designed to provide experienced teachers with the latest research in brain-based learning and instructional theory and its practical applications to the classroom. Topics will include the structures and functions of the brain, how the brain processes information, lateralization specialization, memory, retention and transfer theory, and the role of emotion in learning. The purpose of this course is to equip educators with an understanding of research-based body/brain/mind principles and how they are applied in teaching and learning.

EDUT 580   Educational Research: Methods and Analysis   3 Units

This course examines how action research can generate knowledge in education to effect school change and school improvement. Multiple forms of data collection and data analysis are examined to provide students with research strategies by which to evaluate educational programs and practices. The course assists students in formulating problem statements, articulating research questions, connecting theory to practice (literature review), aligning data collection strategies with research questions, increasing the validity of a study, illustrating ways to analyze data, drawing conclusions based on data, and reporting the results of the study.

EDUT 586   Educational Technology   3 Units

This course equips teachers to be knowledgeable about educational technology and current tools available to further student engagement. Course activities are heavily influenced and directed by the standards of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).