Healthcare Management (OBD) (HLMG)

HLMG 305   Christianity and Contemporary Culture   3 Units

This course will give students an awareness of the Christian worldview and assist them in evaluating sources of information for culture and theology, enabling them to better answer questions concerning life issues (e.g., sexuality, marriage, family, creation, evil, death, and life after life) and life choices in the Christian context as they examine their own beliefs and compare these to that which Scripture teaches.

HLMG 311   Writing in the Workplace   3 Units

This course will give students an opportunity to learn about effective verbal and non-verbal communication through an in-depth examination, both in written and oral format, of workplace communication with an emphasis on writing and the proper application of grammar and APA style rules. The use of technology to access and share information will also be examined.

HLMG 312   Management of Healthcare Organizations   3 Units

This course will serve as an introduction to and provide the foundation for a better understanding of the relevant theories, tools, and applications, recent trends, and issues needed to address operational issues that healthcare managers face.

HLMG 314   Healthcare Quality Management   3 Units

This course will explore healthcare applications of quality improvement including governmental and regulatory influences, standards and guidelines, programs and methods, and process redesign.

HLMG 315   Organizational Behavior, Theory and Design in Healthcare   3 Units

The course will provide students with an in-depth analysis of the theories and concepts of organizational behavior and theory while embracing the uniqueness and complexities of healthcare.

HLMG 413   Leadership in Healthcare Management   3 Units

This course will introduce students to the basic principles of leadership and direction in healthcare organizations.

HLMG 414   Legal Aspects of Healthcare   3 Units

This course will familiarize students with significant legal principles and theories relevant to healthcare administration; provide examples of context in which potential legal problems arise; develop the ability to identify and evaluate potential legal risks related to healthcare administrative and management decisions; and to appropriately utilize legal counsel in the decision-making process.

HLMG 415   Healthcare Information Systems   3 Units

This course will examine the use of information systems in healthcare organizations as students are introduced to the types of healthcare data and information, the various systems used throughout the healthcare industry, the technology utilized by these systems, and the IT challenges facing healthcare administrators.

HLMG 416   Human Resource Management in Healthcare   3 Units

This course will look at human resource management in healthcare including the principles, methods, and procedures used in the utilization and management of professional and allied health personnel.

HLMG 419   Topics in Public Health Administration   3 Units

This course will identify and explore historical, theoretical, and practical issues in the field of public health as students identify and analyze important public health issues within various health settings.

HLMG 422   Introduction to Gerontology and Mental Health Management   3 Units

This course will introduce and give an overview of the field of gerontology and mental health including current theories, ethical issues, public policy, legal issues, and careers along with the exploration of problems in planning, financing, delivering, and evaluating health services. Administrative structures and public and private delivery systems will also be compared and critiqued.

HLMG 424   Marketing and Strategic Planning for Healthcare Organizations   3 Units

This course studies the management of the marketing process, strategy formulation, strategic planning, organizing, budgeting, implementation, and performance assessment specific for Healthcare organizations to assist institutions in fulfilling their mission, vision, and goals and in helping to define strategies to improve market position and financial performance.

HLMG 425   Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations   3 Units

This course will cover selected topics in both the financial and managerial aspects of the U.S. healthcare industry, both philosophically and theologically, with issues being evaluated and presented from the perspective of all key stakeholders including the consumer, providers, provider-organizations, payers, and government.

HLMG 467   Ethics for Healthcare Managers   3 Units

This course will examine ethical issues that arise within the context of contemporary American healthcare. Attention will be given to important philosophical and theological approaches to ethical problem solving in clinical and non-clinical contexts. The course will also address ethical questions about medical care at the beginning and end of life, as well as questions related to the business of healthcare delivery. Pre-requisite: HLMG 305 (or equivalent).

HLMG 495   Senior Seminar: Healthcare Management   3 Units

This course will be a culminating demonstration of the students’ academic ability and knowledge of the healthcare environment through a comprehensive analytical paper and oral presentation to a professional panel of healthcare professionals. Prerequisite: senior standing.