2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Leadership Studies (LDP)

LDP 304   Psychology in the Workplace   3 Units

Students will survey behavioral science, performance research, neuroscience, and cutting-edge practices of what constitutes a thriving workplace. They will learn leadership skills and organizational design concepts that can implement these principles. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 312   Communication in the Workplace   3 Units

Students will demonstrate skills for effective communication and relationship building. They will utilize clear and concise written and oral communication skills to motivate others. Students will discover the power of nonverbals and the importance of receiving and offering constructive feedback. They will learn the role audio/visual and experiential focused communication can play. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 316   Leadership in the Digital Age   3 Units

Students will comprehend how to lead teams in a virtual environment. There will be an emphasis on digital literacy (software, apps, and other tools available), effective electronic research, and current issues related to the harnessing information and communication technology for effective leadership. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 324   Intercultural Communication   3 Units

Students will study the impact of diversity, culture and communication variables on the work experience. Strategies for preparing students to meet the challenge of cultural diversity in organizations with an emphasis on how race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, work and family, weight and appearance, and organizational philosophy may be addressed in order to create a set of rules for managing and communicating in complex organizations. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 355   Organizational Leadership   3 Units

Students will analyze historical developments, theories, and cutting-edge practices in the field of leadership and organizational behavior. They will learn different styles and strengths of leadership and assess their style. Students will continue to build a repertoire of leadership competencies. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 370   Leading and Motivating Volunteers   3 Units

Students will learn the critical roles volunteers can play in an organization. They will discover strategies for recruiting, retaining and developing volunteers to maximize resources. Students will analyze different approaches for motivating volunteers as they carry out the mission of their organization. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 375   Conflict Resolution   3 Units

Students will develop leadership skills to resolve a conflict between two people, on a team and between departments. They will learn how conflict can be used to enhance relationships, make a team more cohesive and create synergy within an organization. Special attention will be given to conflict in values-and faith-based organizations. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 411   Employee Motivation and Attitude Theory   3 Units

Students will survey the top motivation and attitude theories. They will explore best practices for enhancing employee motivation. Students will develop skills for implementing these practices. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 414   Self Exploration and Career Development   3 Units

Emotional intelligence research demonstrates that self-understanding and self-management are essential to high performing leaders. Students will grow in these areas to enhance their own career development. They will learn how to capitalize on opportunities that will build skills and experiences to be more competitive in their careers. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 465   Financial Management   3 Units

Students will learn and apply basic accounting principles to financial reporting and monitoring functions. The focus is placed on budget development, day-to-day fiscal management, financial controls, measures of financial performance, capital structures and calculating ROIs. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 483   Business Ethics   3 Units

Students will explore ethical principles involving conduct, laws, and relationships utilized by the business community including employer/employee rights, the culture of the corporation, product liability, conflict of interest, and bribery. They will assess their personal level of ethical reasoning and living a life of virtue and integrity. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 490   Organization Development and Change Theory   3 Units

Students will understand the dynamics of a healthy organization and how it is developed. They will examine theories of change and leadership skills, types of teams, and organizational culture that drive it. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.

LDP 495   Senior Seminar: Leadership Studies   3 Units

This course will be a culminating demonstration of the students’ academic ability and knowledge of leadership studies through a research paper and presentation. Prerequisite: ACCM 100.