Nonprofit Leadership (NPL)

NPL 305   Christianity and Contemporary Culture   3 Units

This course will assist students in evaluating sources of information for culture and theology enabling them to better answer questions concerning life issues (e.g., sexuality, marriage, family, suffering, evil, death, creation, after life) and life choices in the Christian context. Students will examine their own beliefs and compare these to that which Scripture teaches.

NPL 311   Writing in the Workplace   3 Units

This course will explore the basics of good writing including the proper application of grammar and APA (American Psychological Association) style rules and the use of technology to access and share information is also examined.

NPL 327   Organizational Behavior   3 Units

This course will discusses individual behavior issues such as personality, leadership, perceptions, attitudes, motivation, diversity, stress, and broader issues including team work, group cohesiveness, career and change management.

NPL 345   Social Psychology   3 Units

This course will examine interpersonal behavior as it is influenced by social process, culture, face-to-face interactions, and personality characteristics. Interpersonal and group behavior will be examined in relationship to social values, diversity issues, norms, attitudes, roles, and social needs with the goal of integrating intellectual ideas, personal experiences, and Christian values.

NPL 355   Organizational Leadership   3 Units

This course will serve as an introduction to the historical concepts, principles, and theories of leadership with an emphasis on self-assessment, contemporary views and issues, basic skills and competencies, with attention given to developing a leadership perspective.

NPL 370   Leading and Motivating Volunteers   3 Units

This course will explore issues relevant to volunteer management as students learn about maximizing resources in effective managerial-leadership as the volunteers carrying out the mission of the organization including the development of a perspective about volunteerism as well as strategies for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding volunteers.

NPL 375   Conflict Resolution   3 Units

This course will focus on the approaches that a leader can use to resolve conflict through the study of constructive and destructive conflict, conflict resolution styles, family systems theory, and various approaches to conflict resolution with attention given to conflict in values- and faith-based organizations.

NPL 450   Legal Aspects of Managing a Non-profit   3 Units

This course will examine the implications associated with the laws that govern nonprofits and their leadership. Students will become familiar with legal issues and the fiduciary responsibilities of nonprofit leaders and boards including how to file for tax-exempt status and how to report contributions.

NPL 460   Fundraising and Resource Development   3 Units

This course will examine ways to raise funds from government, foundation, corporate, and individual sources; how to identify, cultivate, and solicit prospective donors; and explore budget preparation, proposal submission, and reviewer practices.

NPL 465   Financial Management of a Nonprofit   3 Units

This course will concentrate on applying accounting principles to financial reporting and monitoring functions with a focus on budget development, day-to-day fiscal management, financial controls, and the regulatory reporting requirements of non-governmental, nonprofit organizations.

NPL 483   Business Ethics   3 Units

This course will explore ethical evaluation involving ideals, laws, and relationships utilized by the business community including bribery, employer/employee rights, assumption analysis, philosophy, culture of the corporation, and product liability.

NPL 490   Organization Development and Change   3 Units

This course will examine theories of change and organizational development within the context of the role of the nonprofit leader as an agent of change. Topics will include types of change; individual, group, and organizational interventions; and integrating psychological theories of leadership, motivation, interpersonal influence, conflict management, and group decision making.

NPL 491   Professional Development Seminar I   3 Units

In this course, students will receive practical, hands-on workshop experience equipping them to pragmatically apply assessment and intervention strategies in a real-world work environment by integrating coursework throughout the program.

NPL 492   Professional Development Seminar II   3 Units

This course will provide practical, hands-on workshop experience that equips students to pragmatically apply assessment and intervention strategies in a real-world work environment with a focus on presenting findings from the design work done in NPL 491 and with support from the NPL curriculum (problem identification, literature review, and research design) including a poster presentation.