2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Organizational Leadership (ORGL)

ORGL 600   Personal Development Skills Process Group   3 Units

Students will participate in a process group training experience led by a trained faculty facilitator. Students will grow in the critical relational skills that are necessary to counsel effectively, have vulnerable interaction and receive targeted feedback from members. Students will have a place for personal character development. This accelerated 2-week course includes 4 days on the Concordia University Irvine campus. This course is offered in the following grade mode: Pass/No Pass.

ORGL 601   Organizational Leadership and Character Development   3 Units

Students will gain a historical overview of leadership theory development and effective leadership characteristics. The Townsend Character-Growth Model and its seven developmental character structures will be a focus for student learning. A beginning integrative framework between Christian theology and leadership research and theory will be established. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 602   Building Healthy Culture and Performance   3 Units

The various aspects of organizational structure will be explored. Students will learn how leaders create a healthy culture that drives individual, team and organizational performance. Various drivers and obstacles to performance will be discussed along with strategies to enhance performance. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 603   Leadership Styles, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence   3 Units

Students will gain an overview of the different styles of leading a team or organization. The latest research from neuroscience will be explored and applied to leadership. Students will understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its different relational and self-management skills. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 604   Leading Change and Motivation   3 Units

The major drivers or inhibitors of motivation and organizational change will be explored. Students will learn the leadership competencies to provide rapid, profound and sustainable change. This course will also focus on how to assess and make structural changes in the organization's culture that make change easier. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 605   Team Building, Conflict Management and Managing Difficult People   3 Units

Students will learn the key elements of a high performing team and how to build each element. An eight-step process for managing conflict will be presented. Students will develop the skills to manage team members who have a challenging character structure and contentious relationships. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 606   Leadership and Transformation   3 Units

Students will learn the different affective, cognitive and behavioral strategies that lead to transformational change in a coaching relationship. Emphasis will be placed on creative affective experiences that lead to character growth. Students will learn to design leadership programs for organizations. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 607   Decision Making, Creativity and Problem Solving   3 Units

Students will learn various decision-making strategies and the common pitfalls to good decisions. The critical role that creativity plays in leadership will be explored. Using a variety of methods, students will gain experience in creativity and problem-solving. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 608   Capstone Seminar in Organizational Leadership   3 Units

Students will write a scholarly article or do research to be presented at the Townsend Institute's annual conference. Students will have direct communication with Dr. Townsend on ideas for the project and during the writing process. Research and scholarly writing skills will be taught. The Institute's Faculty will help students in taking the next steps in their career. Graduation Application Fee: $185. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 610   Leadership and Organizational Assessment   3 Units

This course will review the various assessment instruments for individual leaders, team and entire organizations such as: Emotional Competency Inventory; Kolb Learning Style Inventory; Inventory of Leadership Styles; Organizational Climate Survey. Students will learn how to communicate findings to leaders and empower them. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

ORGL 611   Systems and Project Management   3 Units

Leadership requires the capacity to get things done on a scalable level, from large projects to designing systems that integrate resources in the proper channels. This involves thinking strategically, accumulating resources, bringing the right talent into the right terms and driving the process. Prerequisite: ORGL 600 (concurrent enrollment allowed).