Theology: Practical (TPRC)

TPRC 502   Pastoral Theology   3 Units

Through lectures, written projects, case studies, and discussions this course, along with pertinent readings in each area will look at the theology and practice of the church in her Word and Sacrament ministry, with biblical and confessional principles identified and applied for evangelical pastoral practice. A variety of pastoral care areas will be considered in order to demonstrate the ministry of addressing and administering the Word and Sacraments to God's people, individually and corporately, in their human situation.

TPRC 503   Pastor as Counselor   3 Units

This course will study the theoretical and practical foundations of counseling, techniques and practices as they pertain to parish and institutional ministries, with a view toward developing a personal methodological approach to pastoral counseling that integrates the Law/Gospel principle.

TPRC 521   Pastor as Missionary   3 Units

This course will root the work of "evangelism/outreach" in a thoroughly biblical view of mission and develop practical outreach methodologies to be used in a Lutheran congregation and/or mission setting as students produce an "educational" plan that will allow the identification, training, and deploying of committed Christian leaders for the growth of Christ's church.

TPRC 530   Homiletics I   3 Units

Through lectures and written assignments this course will focus on preaching from a text and writing several complete sermons along with the study of communication theories and development of oral communication skills, with special reference to effective proclamation of the full counsel of God (Law and Gospel). Laboratory preaching experience is videotaped for critical evaluation by instructor, students, and speaker.

TPRC 531   Homiletics II   3 Units

This course will look at the purpose, function, and structure of a sermon as a part of liturgy and worship including textual preaching focused on parables, miracles, and Old Testament texts; the polarity of Law and Gospel in all preaching; sermon theory; and delivery. Prerequisite: TPRC 530.

TPRC 542   Lutheran Worship in Culture Context   3 Units

This course will examine and assess the historical and theological understanding of worship within the Lutheran context, observing the forms and practice of worship within present, ethnic/multi-cultural communities. Guided by proper theological, historical, and contextual models, students will promote sacramental worship in various, new ethnic/multi-cultural missional settings.

TPRC 551   Ethnic-Urban Church Planting   3 Units

This course will study organizational structure of the church in various cultural and denominational models to determine those that are most functional in a given cultural context and new ways of planting Christian congregations within the integrity of a given culture and biblical guidelines.