2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Certificate Programs

The graduate education certificate is intended for those candidates who want to pursue graduate courses in specialized areas offered through the Ed.D. program to further enhance their knowledge and skills as leaders, increase their personal marketability as professionals in the field, and advance their expertise within other areas of a learning organization.

Students who have completed Concordia University Irvine's Ed.D. program may apply to earn one or two additional graduate education certificate(s).  This additional work will be reflected on the transcript as a certificate.

Students who have earned a Doctorate or Master' degree from Concordia University Irvine, or another accredited institution may apply to enroll at the start of the fall or spring semester in one of the three 9-unit specialization tracks to earn a graduate education certificate.

Students who complete a graduate education certificate may apply for acceptance into Concordia's Ed.D. program and use all 9 units towards their doctoral program.   Ed.D. admission requirements can be found here.

Policies can be found hereIn addition, no substitutions are allowed.

Educational Administration Certificate

EDEA 703Technology in a Systems Approach to Leadership3
EDEA 704Strategic Human Resource Management and Development3
EDEA 705Sustained Fiscal Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness3
Total Units9

Organizational Change Certificate

EDOC 703Innovation and Organizational Change3
EDOC 704Entrepreneurship3
EDOC 705Consultancy Project3
Total Units9

Special Education Certificate

EDSE 703Leveraging Inclusive Practices and Services for All Students3
EDSE 704Advanced Research in Special Education: Legal, Historic, and Current Issues3
EDSE 705Advanced Social Emotional Skills for Counselors and Special Educators3