English as a Second Language (IEP)

IEP 161   Reading and Vocabulary VI   6 Units

Students will practice reading intensively and show understanding of the text and vocabulary through various exercises. Students will read advanced and authentic texts focusing on critical thinking and application of content with augmented reading strategies. Students will also research and present on academic sources in preparation for university level research writing.

IEP 162   Writing and Grammar VI   6 Units

The focus of this course is to help students develop a consistently high degree of grammatical accuracy in both written and spoken English. Students will work to eliminate errors in the use of these grammatical structures. Students will follow the steps of the writing process as they draft different types of essays. Students will write a research argument essay accurately gathering information from different sources with correct citation in both APA and MLA. Students will create a PowerPoint that is equivalent for a university level class.

IEP 163   Listening and Conversation VI   3 Units

This course is designed to improve listening skills through academic and real-life listening activities and presentations. Students will prepare and deliver academic research to peers. Students will gain confidence and fluency in speaking through in class conversations, discussion activities, and formal/informal presentations. Emphasis will be placed on small group discussions and group work. Attention will be given to pronunciation and accent reduction.

IEP 164   American Culture and Business   3 Units

Students will present a final Capstone project in preparation for and in admittance to university studies. At this level, students will work closely with an IEP faculty member, as well as meet regularly with an established board of university faculty. The culmination of this final research project incorporating all 5 language skills (reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening/speaking) will be presented and assessed. Students must be approved by all faculty members before they can enter undergraduate or graduate studies at Concordia University.