2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Film and Digital Media Production (FDMP)

FDMP 330   Film and Video Production   3 Units

Pre-production, planning, scripting, principal photography will be done for the film project. Emphasizes lighting, camera operation, sound recording and directing. Students complete 2 projects: visual & narrative. Corequisite: FDMP 335.

FDMP 335   Editing Principles and Techniques   3 Units

Students study the basic principles and aesthetics of editing film, video, and digital media, with practical experience in Final Cut Pro lab through the completion of short editing projects. Corequisite: FDMP 330.

FDMP 361   Producing Narrative Short Films   3 Units

Students will study the evolution of narrative short film development, critiquing both Western & International short films. Each student will work as crew on a short film while directing, writing, producing, shooting or editing an introductory level narrative fiction short film themselves. Prerequisites: FDMP 330 and FDMP 335.

FDMP 362   Documentary Production   3 Units

Students view and analyze a variety of documentaries over the past century for style and content. Working in small production groups, students plan, script, produce, and edit several short documentary productions. Prerequisites: FDMP 330 and FDMP 335.

FDMP 490   Internship: Film and Digital Media Production   1-8 Units

Offers students an opportunity to credit and learn professional skills “on the job” by working for a studio, network, production company, newsroom etc. A minimum of forty (40) hours of work for each unit is required. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.