2021-2022 Academic Catalog

General Engineering (GEN)

GEN 101   Introduction to Engineering and Design   3 Units

Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills essential to the engineer. Students are challenged to function as members of a team to communicate well. Broad exposure is provided to various engineering disciplines and practices.

GEN 210   Entrepreneurial Engineering Economics   3 Units

This course will introduce you to engineering economics, which is the application of economics and decision theory to the evaluation of engineering alternatives in planning, developing, constructing, and managing engineering projects.

GEN 212   Project Management and Communication in Christian Context   3 Units

Students will incorporate the unique incarnational aspects of Jesus Christ into the skills related to service, teamwork, project planning and management, and communication within a team and for stakeholders. Students work in teams to plan and carry out semester-long projects.

GEN 310   Materials Engineering   4 Units

Study the relationship between material properties and micro-structure. Examine various processing techniques that alter the micro-structure allowing the engineer to control properties. This insight equips the engineer to select appropriate materials for various design and manufacturing settings. Metals and alloys are emphasized with a survey of ceramic, polymer and composite materials.

GEN 312   Mechanics in Engineering   4 Units

Develop core competencies associated with mechanical, biomechanical, and structural engineering. Physics principles are used to determine internal and external forces in various types of members, including introduction to analysis software. The material's response to load - stress and strain - is also emphasized. Principles for design of simple mechanical and structural elements are introduced.

GEN 314   Thermodynamics   4 Units

Explore the science of energy and its application to engineered systems. Develop foundational knowledge related to thermodynamic properties and data, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, entropy and availability concepts, and control volume analyses. Apply those principles to thermodynamic systems and cycles for power generation, refrigeration, and heat pumping.

GEN 316   Fluid Dynamics   4 Units

Study of static and dynamic effects in Fluid Kinematics using Lagrangian and Eulerian analysis. Continuity, momentum, and energy equations in integral and differential form for incompressible flows. Introduction to boundary layer theory and transient fluid motion. Comparison of theory to experimental and computational fluid dynamic results.

GEN 318   Mechanical Design   4 Units

Design components for common machines and mechanical devices through application of engineering mechanics, materials engineering, and manufacturing concepts. Topics include combined stress, contact stress, stress concentration, fatigue, deflection, theories of failure and computer modeling.

GEN 410   Heat Transfer Analysis and Design   4 Units

Explore fundamental principles of conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer, then apply them to engineering problems. Study steady and transient conduction, forced and free convection, multi-mode heat transfer, heat exchanger design, and methods for enhancement.

GEN 412   Manufacturing Processes   4 Units

Study manufacturing methods common in production. Consider tooling techniques,fabrication techniques, and machinability of materials including 3D printing.

GEN 496   Research in Engineering   0.5-2 Units

Students engage the knowledge content of their academic discipline in the context of a specific technology problem or need and in collaboration with a partner organization or client community. Teams demonstrate effective project management strategies, report on progress consistently, and document significant design activity.