Philosophy (PHI)

PHI 211   Philosophical Ethics   3 Units

This introductory course to philosophy through the examination of major traditions of ethical reflection in the history of philosophy such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, and Mill. Offered alternate years.

PHI 433   Philosophy of Religion   3 Units

This introductory course to the issues of the philosophy of religion including epistemological method, the classical proofs for God's existence, determinism, free will, religious experience, faith and reason, and the problem of evil. Prerequisites: CTHL 101 or CTHL 200; CPHI 101 or CPHI 200; or consent of instructor. Offered alternate years.

PHI 439   Analytic Philosophy   3 Units

This course will introduce contemporary Western philosophy including 19th century background, the “early” and “later” Wittgenstein, G.E. Moore, B. Russell, and the “ordinary language” movement. References to Christian respondents to the practitioners of this style of philosophy will also be examined. Prerequisite: CPHI 101, CPHI 200, or PHI 211. Offered alternate years.

PHI 467   Bioethics and Healthcare Professions   3 Units

This course will examine the ethical issues raised by modern advances in health care and biological research. Attention will be given to the language of bioethics, important philosophical and theological approaches, and socio-cultural implications. Special foci may include clinical nursing ethics, business ethics in a healthcare context, or other topics as appropriate. Prerequisite: CTHL 101, CTHL 200 or THL 202 (or equivalent).

PHI 491   Special Topics   3 Units

This seminar course will focus on philosophical topics which will vary with each offering.