Spanish (SPA)

SPA 101   Spanish I   4 Units

Through a natural approach to Spanish this course, which will be taught in Spanish, is for students who have had no or less than two (2) years of high school instruction and will emphasize speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

SPA 102   Spanish II   4 Units

A continuation of SPA 101. Fulfills foreign language requirement. Prerequisite: SPA 101 or two (2) years of high school Spanish.

SPA 201   Intermediate Spanish I   3 Units

This course will provide a systematic review of grammar including readings that will provide an introduction to Spanish culture and literature. Prerequisite: SPA 102 or equivalent.

SPA 202   Intermediate Spanish II   3 Units

A continuation of SPA 201. Prerequisite: SPA 201 or equivalent.

SPA 301   Advanced Conversation   3,4 Units

This course will help students develop an increased mastery of the spoken language through extensive text and periodical readings with an emphasis on small-group discussion. Prerequisite: SPA 202 or equivalent.

SPA 302   Advanced Grammar/Reading   3 Units

Through extensive reading of Spanish writings, this course will review grammatical principles and require regular composition work based on these readings. Prerequisite: SPA 202 or equivalent.

SPA 311   Survey of Spanish Literature   3,4 Units

This course will study representative works of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the present. Prerequisite: SPA 202. Offered in alternate years.

SPA 312   Survey of Spanish American Literature   3 Units

This course will study representative works of Spanish-American literature from the Conquest to the present. Prerequisite: SPA 202. Offered alternate years.

SPA 390   Practicum: Spanish   1-4 Units