School of Arts and Sciences

Dean: Dr. Scott Ashmon

Assistant Deans: Dr. Jeff Held, Dr. Terry Olson, Dr. Kerri Tom

The School of Arts and Sciences strives to educate its students within the multi-faceted context of the liberal arts.  Firmly rooted in the Christian tradition of Concordia University, the School confidently and freely explores both the riches of the past and the knowledge of today. The School cultivates within all students a disciplined and coherent worldview to prepare them to be active and effective leaders in today’s world.

Along with Christ College, the School of Arts and Sciences is responsible for the Q&I  general education offerings of the university and monitors the courses, majors, minors and professional programs through its different departments.

Division of the Arts

Assistant Dean: Dr. Jeff Held

Art Department

Chair: Prof. Rachel Hayes

Music Department

Chair: Dr. Marin Jacobson

Theatre Department

Chair: Prof. Lori Siekmann

Division of Humanities

Assistant Dean: Dr. Kerri Tom

Communication Studies Department

Chair: Prof. Patricia Ollry

English, Writing and Modern Languages Department

Chair: Dr. John Norton

History and Political Thought Department

Chair: Dr. Adam Francisco

International Studies Department

Chair: Dr. P. Dan Waite

Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology Department

Chair: Dr. John Lu

Division of Mathematics, Natural Science and Exercise and Sport Science

Assistant Dean: Dr. Terry Olson

Biology Department

Chair: Dr. Sean Bignami

Chemistry, Physics and General Science Department

Chair: Dr. Lindsay Kane-Barnese

Exercise and Sport Science Department

Chair: Dr. Terry Olson

Mathematics Department

Chair: Prof. Julie Melberg

Honors Program

Dr. John Lu

Intensive English Program (IEP)

Ms. Faith McKinney, Director

Liberal Studies

Co-Directors: Dr. Michael Schulteis and Dr. Rebecca Stanton

Pathway Program

Ms. Faith McKinney, Director