International Studies Department

Director:  Dr. Caleb Karges

The International Studies department equips students to learn, serve and lead in roles that require a holistic understanding of the interdependent and cross-cultural complexities of a globalized world.  Our interdisciplinary approach draws on diverse fields including anthropology, sociology, literature, arts, communications, economics, history and theology. With an emphasis on preparing students to lead with humility and work for truth, peace and justice across cultures, the department integrates the liberal arts with a praxis and community-based approach to learning focused on language acquisition, experiential learning and field-based research. Students in the department’s major choose an emphasis in Global Literature and Arts, International Development, International Relations or Missiology and are required to engage in between 1-4 semesters of off-campus study in one of CUI’s study abroad programs.

International Studies Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze diverse sources of information about global issues of historic and contemporary significance.
  • Articulate focused, persuasive and original arguments about globally significant issues in oral and written form.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in cross-cultural communication and in a specific modern language.
  • Creatively design and complete a research project exploring a global issue that synthesizes theories from at least two disciplines and is complemented by a nuanced understanding of that issue drawn from evidence gathered in a cross-cultural, field-based setting.
  • Articulate a personal vocational mission that reflects an informed and ethical approach to solving complex human problems in global and cross-cultural settings.

Bachelor of Arts Degree

International Studies


  • Global Literature and Art 
  • International Development 
  • International Relations 
  • Missiology 

International Studies

ANT 241Anthropology Field Methods for Travelers3
COM 324Intercultural Communication3
ECO 221History of Economic Thought3
ENG 382Postcolonial Literature3
GCS 495Senior Capstone3
HST 301Eastern Civilization3
HST 371Islamic Civilization3
HST 416AContemporary Global Issues3
or HST 416B Contemporary Global Issues
SOC 365Sociology of Globalization3
World Language *
Language 14
Language 24
Study Abroad Courses
Choose a minimum of 12 units to be taken at one of Concordia University Irvine's approved international partner institutions or an approved study abroad program. These units will include courses that meet the requirements in World Language and chosen emphasis with prior approval. Up to 6 of these units may be electives.
Choose 1 of the following emphases15-16
Total Units50-51


Global Literature and Art

Choose 5 of the following courses:15
Art History I3
Art History II3
Film as Literature3
Music Cultures of the World: Emerging Nations3
Music Cultures of the World: The Silk Road3
Theatre and Culture I3
Theatre and Culture II3
Total Units15

International Development

Choose 5 of the following courses:15
Introduction to Management, Marketing and Information Technology3
Money and Financial Markets3
Intermediate Macroeconomics and Public Policy3
Global Enterprise3
New Ventures and Entrepreneurship3
International Marketing3
Total Units15

International Relations

Choose 5 of the following courses:15
Religion in Society3
Modern European History3
History of Propaganda and Persuasion3
Great Cities3
Advanced Topics in Social History3
International Relations3
Political Thought II: The Enlightenment3
Total Units15


ANT 435Religion in Society3
REL 321World Religions3
THL 222Christian Witness and Evangelism1
THL 429Biblical Theology and Exegesis3
THL 430Christian Apologetics3
THL 481The Mission of Christ’s Church3
Total Units16


Global Cultural Studies

Global Cultural Studies Minor

Students wishing to take the Global Cultural Studies minor must apply for, be fully accepted and planning to participate in the Around-the-World (ATW) semester.

ENG 386Postmodern Novel3
ENG 392Epic Literature3
GCS 201Global Cultural Studies1
GCS 202Understanding Other Cultures Anthropologically1
GCS 203Cross-Cultural Communication Awareness1
GCS 301Foundations of Language4
GCS 399Service Learning Practicum2
WRT 330Travel Writing3
Total Units18