Liberal Studies

Undergraduate Major

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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Co-Directors: Dr. Michael Schulteis and Dr. Rebecca Stanton

Typically, California State Teaching Credential multiple subject candidates obtain a degree in Liberal Studies while California State Teaching Credential single subject candidates obtain a degree in one of the following:

ArtEnglishForeign Language (case by case basis), MathematicsMusicPhysical EducationScience, and Social Science.

The Liberal Studies major is the elementary subject matter preparation program approved by the State of California for students preparing to be elementary/multiple subject or special education teachers.  The course work is aligned to the California Content Specifications and is approved to substitute for the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) that all students pursuing an elementary/multiple subject or special education teaching credential must pass. 

For students entering with 0-29 units of transferable credit:

Fine Arts
ART 111Experiences in Art3
MUS 461Music for Children3
THR 111Experiences in Theatre3
History/Social Science
ANT 210Cultural Anthropology3
CHST 201The West and the World3
CHST 301America and the World3
EDU 304History of Society and Education1
HST 478History of California3
Human Development/Education
EDUC 101Introduction to Teaching Careers I1
EDUC/EDSP 204Introduction to Teaching Diverse Populations2
EDUC/EDSP 301Typical and Atypical Development of Diverse Learners3
PSY 313Developmental Psychology: Childhood3
CENG 201World Literature to the Renaissance3
CENG 301World Literature from the Enlightenment3
COM 111Public Speaking3
EDU 435Linguistic Development and Second Language Acquisition3
ENG 391Children’s Literature3
WRT 102Writing and Research3
or WRT 201 The Art of the Essay
CMTH 101The Nature of Mathematics3
MTH 301Mathematics for Teachers3
Physical Education/Health
ESS 105Christian Wellness3
ESS 340Elementary Physical Education3
CPHI 101Introduction to Philosophy3
or CPHI 200 Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry
CBIO 101Integrated Biology4
SCI 115Physical Science4
SCI 301Earth Science3
Students in the Liberal Studies Major select an area of concentration from one of the following content areas: Art, Child Development, Christ College, English, General Science, Global Cultural Studies, History - American Political Studies, History - European History, History - History of Ideas, History - Political History, History - Social History, Life Science, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Study Abroad or Theatre. Only one course in the concentration may be used to meet other Liberal Studies requirements.12-15
Total Units87-90



ART 201Drawing I3
ART 311Art History I3
ART 488Children’s Art3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Painting I3
Sculpture I3
Ceramics I3
Printmaking I3
Total Units12

Child Development

PSY 313Developmental Psychology: Childhood3
Choose 3 of the following courses:9
Children’s Art3
Music for Children3
Developmental Psychology: Adolescence3
Abnormal Psychology3
Child, Family and Community3
Creative Drama and Improvisation3
Total Units12

Christ College

CCI 103Introduction to Ministry1
CCI 305Called to Teach the Faith3
THL 371Christian Doctrine and Confessions I3
THL 372Christian Doctrine and Confessions II3
THL 304History of the Christian Church3
Total Units13


ENG 477History and Development of the English Language3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
World Literature to the Renaissance3
Women’s Literature3
Postcolonial Literature3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
American Literature I3
American Literature II3
English Literature I3
English Literature II3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Introduction to Genre and Craft in Creative Writing3
Writing for Children and Teenagers3
Creative Nonfiction3
Topics in Creative Writing3
Total Units12

General Science

SCI 211Geology3
SCI 318Ocean Science4
Choose 2 of the following courses:7-8
General Biology I4
Chemistry I4
Chemistry II4
Physics I4
Physics II4
Astronomy I4
History and Philosophy of Science3
Total Units14-15

Global Cultural Studies (Around the World Semester)

Students who complete the Global Cultural Studies concentration are not eligible to earn the Global Cultural Studies Minor.

ENG 386Postmodern Novel3
ENG 392Epic Literature3
GCS 301Foundations of Language4
WRT 330Travel Writing3
Total Units13

History - American Political Studies

POL 322Political Thought II: The Enlightenment3
POL 412The U.S. Constitution3
POL/HST 414The Courts and the Constitution3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Early Modern England3
International Relations3
Total Units12

History - European History

HST 334Medieval History3
HST 336The Renaissance and the Reformation3
HST 338Modern European History3
HST 341Early Modern England3
Total Units12

History - History of Ideas

Choose 4 of the following courses:12
Art History I3
Art History II3
Mythology, Theology and Philosophy3
The Enlightenment3
History and Philosophy of Science3
Total Units12

History - Political History

Choose 4 of the following courses:12
International Relations3
Political Thought II: The Enlightenment3
The U.S. Constitution3
Religion and Politics in America3
Contemporary Global Issues3
Contemporary Global Issues
Total Units12

History - Social History

Choose 4 of the following courses:12
A History of Popular Culture3
History of Propaganda and Persuasion3
Women’s History3
Advanced Topics in Social History3
Ethnic and Minority Relations3
Social Problems3
Total Units12

Life Science

BIO 111General Biology I4
BIO 112General Biology II4
Choose 1 of the following courses:4
Molecular Genetics4
Plant Biology4
Ocean Science4
Total Units12


MTH 265Introduction to Statistics3
Choose at least 9 units from the following courses:9
Calculus I5
Calculus II4
Mathematics Notation and Proof3
Linear Algebra3
Probability and Statistics I3
Modern Algebra I3
Topics in Mathematics - Review1.5
Topics in Mathematics - Final1.5
Total Units12


MUS 201Music Theory I3
MUS 211Aural Skills I1
MUS 332Music History: Classical Period through Modernity3
MUS 461Music for Children3
Choose 2 or 3 units from the following courses:2-3
Beginning Conducting2
Instrumental Methods and Repertoire2
Handbell Methods and Repertoire1-3
Music Cultures of the World: Emerging Nations3
Choral Methods and Repertoire3
Total Units12-13

Physical Education

ESS 304Motor Learning and Control3
Choose 3 of the following courses:9
Health Education3
Historical, Social, Cultural Foundations of Sport and P.E.3
Individual Activities3
Team Activities3
Adaptive Physical Education3
Physical Education Management3
Sport Law3
Total Units12


SPA 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II3
Choose 2 of the following courses:6
Advanced Conversation3
Advanced Grammar/Reading3
Survey of Spanish Literature3
Survey of Spanish American Literature3
Total Units12

Study Abroad

A minimum of 12 units of college level coursework are to be completed at a university outside of the USA and Canada. Individual study abroad courses to be determined in association with the selected study abroad program. Please see the office of Global Programs for details on study abroad programs. Keep in mind, only one course may apply to both the requirements necessary in the Liberal Studies major core (listed above) and the Study Abroad concentration.12
Total Units12


THR 251Introduction to Theatre3
THR 261Acting I3
THR 461Creative Drama and Improvisation3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Introduction to Theatrical Design3
Performance Studies and Readers Theatre3
Play Direction I3
Theatre and Culture I3
Theatre and Culture II3
Total Units12