Student Life

Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

The academic advising staff assists students in planning their degree program by developing an individualized graduation plan. Professional staff advisors are available to meet with students each semester for course selection, sequencing, online enrollment and referral to campus resources.

Career Development Services

Career Services offers a variety of assessment instruments, research techniques and occupation information to assist students with academic major, career and graduate school decisions as well as internships and job search strategies. In addition, students are encouraged to attend various employer panels, seminars, skill workshops and recruiting fairs.

Disability and Learning Resource Center

The Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) works with university departments to ensure that their programs are accessible to every person in the university community. Additionally, the DLRC provides reasonable accommodations so that otherwise qualified students with disabilities may, as independently as possible, meet the demands of university life. The DLRC also serves university faculty and staff with disabilities who should address employment concerns directly to Human Resources and may utilize the DLRC as an information resource.

International Student Services

The International Center team collaborates with campus departments to assist international students in their transition and continual success at the university. 

Office of Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Equity and Inclusion provides leadership and accountability to ensure an equitable and inclusive environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors through policy development, educational programming, and collaborative university initiatives which support a healthy and engaging campus climate. 

Title IX

Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. As a Christian institution, we believe that sexual intimacy is part of God's perfect and good design for our lives and should be experienced within a loving and committed union of marriage. As a university we are working to create a safe and supportive campus community free from sex-discrimination. We want to make sure that anyone who reports experiences related to such discrimination feels safe, knows his or her rights, and is aware of all available resources and options to continue to have the opportunity to be successful. We will support student's Title IX-related journey with privacy, equity, due process, and, most importantly, with Christian care and concern. 

Cleary Act/Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Concordia University Irvine is committed to assisting all members of its community in providing for their own safety and security. As per the Clery Act, you are entitled to Concordia University’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of this report, stop by the Campus Safety Office in the Administration building room 103 at 1530 Concordia West, Irvine CA 92612, or request that a copy be mailed to you by calling 949-214-3007.

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: crime prevention, fire safety, crime reporting policies, crime statistics for the three previous calendar years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus and/or in the area, disciplinary procedures, and other matters of importance related to security and safety of campus.

This information is required by law and is provided by Concordia University Irvine.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence will be treated as a withdrawal. Students may request a leave of absence by requesting a withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar and having it approved by the Office of Student Affairs. Students wishing to return to Concordia University after a leave of absence must go through the readmission process and should contact Admissions for an application. Students returning to Concordia after an absence of 1 term or more will re-enter under the catalog that is current at the time of return. Students with junior or senior status may appeal this policy unless the student chooses to re-enter into a different program than previously enrolled.

Placement Assistance

Concordia University provides placement assistance to Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) church career candidates in conjunction with the Concordia University System (CUS) in St. Louis, MO. Services include maintenance of a candidate information file (sometimes called a “placement” file) which is sent to calling bodies upon request of the calling body. While these services are often referred to as “placement” services, no guarantees are expressed nor implied that Concordia University will find employment for candidates, and Concordia University does not assume responsibility for finding such employment. All candidates are responsible for providing and submitting the necessary paperwork for their information file to the Placement Office (housed in Christ College) prior to deadlines set forth by that office.

Students from all other programs are assisted by Career Development Services.

Programs Abroad Office

Ms. Faith McKinney, Senior Director of International Center and Programs Abroad

Concordia University offers a variety of global locations that allow the acquisition of real-world skills to be a vibrant reality.  Please refer to the Programs Abroad website. Curricula will prepare students to work and live in a truly globalized world, where no question is limited to a local setting.

Besides giving students the enviable opportunity to engage in a different society and culture, Concordia study abroad offers students access to new ideas and experiences that enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills and guides students in finding their own place in the world.  While living and learning at one of our global locations, students will participate in activities that help them to explore the city, country, and region from an insider’s perspective.

We are proud to offer academically rigorous and personally enriching educational experiences to all Concordia students.  Students are allowed up to two semesters abroad. Using federal and state aid for all programs and Concordia aid for some programs study abroad is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Residential Education and Services

Dining Services

The university contracts with Bon Appétit Management Company to provide food services on campus. Bon Appétit will cooperate with students who, for medical reasons, require special diets. The meal plan is regarded as a very important aspect of the university’s social and intellectual life. It is here that informal interchange between cultures and ideas takes place. Therefore, the university requires that all freshman students living in residence halls subscribe to at least a 14-meal plan which provides two meals each day, seven days a week. All students living in residence halls are required to participate in a meal plan. Contact Residential Education and Services for more information.

Residence Halls

Because Concordia University is concerned about the total welfare of its students, it seeks to ensure that full-time students have housing accommodations which promote academic, social, and spiritual growth. Students 21 years-of-age or younger who do not live with their parents or close relative(s) are required to live on campus.

Students living on campus will be assigned to a unit that will accommodate 4 students. Please be aware that private bedrooms are not available in any of Concordia’s residence halls through Housing Services. Residence halls are under the direction of the Associate Dean of Students, Residential Education and Services.

Occupants of the residence halls are responsible for rooms and equipment supplied by the university. Students must maintain full-time status while living in university housing.

Spiritual Life

At the heart of the Great Commission University is the desire to raise up the next generation of disciples. In order to facilitate the discipleship process the university established a campus ministry called abbey west. The goal of abbey west is to engage students in a discipleship process that is rooted in and centered on the gospel.

Gospel-centered discipleship is accomplished through events, activities, and experiences such as: chapel, Sunday evening worship, on-campus Bible studies, as well as through local and global mission, service, and witnessing opportunities.

While abbey west functions under the auspices and with the support of area Lutheran Church– Missouri Synod congregations it is not a ministry just for Lutheran students. Rather abbey west seeks to engage all students with the gospel and invite them to participate in the discipleship journey together.

Also if you are in need of some spiritual counseling the pastoral staff in abbey west is happy to serve you.

For more information or to set up a pastoral appointment please send an e-mail to or call (949) 214-3113. 

Student Conduct and Personal Development

The faculty and staff of Concordia University expect that all students will exhibit personal evidence of development in all aspects of their lives. Assistance in promoting such growth is provided through academic programs, co-curricular activities and individual consultation involving regular evaluation.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner in all aspects of their daily living. Students are present on campus by privilege accorded annually to those who contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the university and not by right. At the discretion of the administration, a student may be dismissed from school for serious misconduct. For further details on student conduct, student records and disciplinary matters, consult the Concordia University Code of Conduct which can be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Students or online.

Student Identification Cards

Concordia student identification (ID) cards are available at the Office of Campus Safety in the Administration Building, room 103. Students will need to provide a driver license or government issued ID. Students are required to carry Concordia ID cards on their persons while on campus and need their ID cards for meals, library access, printing services, and other services that require verification of identification. The Office of Campus Safety will not conduct key assists or provide parking permits to students who are unable to show a valid Concordia ID.  The first ID card is free.  Replacements for lost or damaged cards cost $25.   

Student Life and Leadership Development

Concordia University offers rich opportunities for student involvement. The Center for Student Leadership and Development (CSLD) is the home to a variety of leadership and co-curricular programs that include Concordia Cares (volunteer opportunities with local non-profit organizations), Commuter Outreach, Diversity Awareness, Intramurals, Peer Health Education, and Student Activities.

Leadership opportunities are available at an annual Student Leadership Information Night in January. Opportunities include the resident assistants (RAs) program coordinated by the RES Office; abbeywest, coordinated by campus ministry; student life events and programs coordinated through LEAD program coordinators in the CSLD office; student government positions through ASCUI in the CSLD office; and the Peer Advising Leaders program, coordinated by the First-year Experience Office.

To learn more about campus events and programming subscribe to the Eagles Insider (weekly campus email) by emailing and follow the Student Events Calendar.

For more information about how to get involved on campus or in student leadership, contact Laura Courvoisier at or (949) 214-3061.

Student Records

Pursuant to federal law, all student records, including evaluations, transcripts, letters and descriptions of individual students are open to review by the student to whom they pertain. Student records are the property of the university. Should any student believe records maintained in the university file to be inaccurate or unjust, that student is entitled to prepare a disclaimer or a reply to that student’s record. One copy of such a disclaimer will be stapled to each copy of the student record.

Officers of the federal and state government and representatives of accreditation agencies may have legal access to these files, as well as Concordia University officials who are required to perform duties which necessitate having access to these files. No official is permitted to make any use of the information contained in personal files other than what is required by that official’s normal duties.

Vehicles and Parking Permits

All vehicles driven on Concordia University property must be operated and/or parked in the appropriate parking spaces and in accordance with university regulations and the laws of the State of California. It is the student’s responsibility to abide by these regulations. Concordia's vehicle regulations can be found on Campus Safety's website.  The university cannot assume liability for loss or damage by theft or accident involving automobiles or motorcycles, of which the owners are advised to provide adequate insurance protection. Persons operating bicycles on university property must also comply with university policy and are encouraged to register their bicycle with the Office of Campus Safety in the Administration Building, room 103.

All vehicles parked on university property must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety and display a valid parking permit. All vehicles not displaying a valid parking permit are subject to citation and/or tow.  Parking permit applicants need to show proof of current vehicle registration, a current driver's license and possess a Concordia ID Card.  Visitor parking permits are available at the gatehouses and are issued for 2 business days.  Temporary parking permits are also available at the Office of Campus Safety for individuals who need a pass for more than 2 business days.

Due ot parking limitations on campus, Concordia does not permit resident freshmen to keep a vehicle on campus or apply for a parking permit. Resident freshmen may appeal to obtain a permit if they are able to provide proof of an extenuating circumstance that requires them to keep a vehicle. For more information about appeals or alternative transportation, please review the Office of Campus Safety’s website or contact the Office of Campus Safety at

Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Benefits

Concordia University, Irvine has been approved to train veterans receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs in accordance with U.S. Code Title 38. Eligible veterans and their dependents seeking educational training may qualify to use Title 38, chapters 1606/1607, 30, 31, 33 Post 9/11, 35 (to include Fry Scholarship). Refer to the Department of Veteran Affairs for eligibility criteria.

CUI has signed the Department of Defense (DoD) Memorandum of Understanding which allows approved members of the Armed Forces to utilize DoD Tuition Assistance (TA).  

CUI has been designated as a Military Friendly School since 2014 and was ranked 23rd in the list of Best Regional Universities in the West for Veterans by US News in 2017.

The Veterans Resource Center

The Staff Sergeant Matthew Thompson Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is located in the Administration building and can be reached at (949) 214-3129 or All eligibility for VA benefits remains under the jurisdiction of the VA and not the School Certifying Official (SCO). The SCO abides by School Certifying Official Handbook for all policies and procedures of students using the GI Bill.  

The mission of the VRC is to assist VA beneficiaries with transitioning from the military to the classroom by creating a campus community that ensures their well-being. Our ultimate goal is to prepare student veterans, spouses, and dependents to fully transition into the workforce and contribute to society as wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens. Aside from striving to be the most military friendly university, the VRC serves as the liaison between the student and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VRC office includes free services such as coffee, printing, refrigerator and a microwave. It can also be used as a place to study, and network with other student veterans, dependents and spouses.

It is highly recommended that students utilizing VA educational benefits meet with the VRC Manager during the semester to go over their remaining entitlement and student account. This can be done in person, over the phone or through Google Hangouts.  

For more information, questions or concerns please contact the VRC at (949) 214-3129 or  Other ways to connect with us are on our website or Facebook

Honor Cords at graduation

United States Armed Forces Designation: The red, white and blue cords are worn by students who have honorably served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Please submit your DD-214 to the VRC.

Institutional Aid

Undergraduate students are highly recommended to work with the VRC and Financial Aid to create a maximum financial aid award each year.


CUI currently has an educational service agreement with California State Fullerton’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.

Study Abroad Programs

Chapter 33 benefits that pay tuition and fees directly to CUI

VA will pay:

• CUI’s tuition and fees for your approved degree plan

• Book stipend

• Monthly housing allowance based on CUI’s zip code

• In order for VA to pay any additional fees specific to the study abroad program, the study abroad option must be required for graduation.

VA will not pay:

• Costs related to travel (airfare, passport, lodging and meals)

• Third party charges

Submit VA Form 22-1995 to the VA for any school that hosts the study abroad program to make sure that they are an approved VA certifying institution. Additional information about study abroad can be found on the GI Bill website.

VA Work Study

This program provides students using the GI Bill that are at least ¾ time with a job working in the VRC serving the veteran community up to 25 hours per week based upon the number of students working and their schedules. The VRC’s manager is the Work Site supervisor, however the VA pays the student’s stipend at either the California or Federal minimum wage (whichever is highest). More information can be found on our website.

Veterans Club

The Veterans Club is headquartered in the VRC and is open to all veterans, dependents and anyone who wishes to be a part of the veteran community. This club is a way to stay connected and involved with Concordia and other veterans/dependents who attend Concordia. 

Veteran and Dependent Responsibilities

  • All forms are located at on our website.
  • Change of major/minor/emphasis requires either a VA Form 22-1995 or VA Form 22-5495 submitted to the VRC. We cannot certify your attendance if your major/minor/emphasis does not reflect what we have on file in the VRC.

    VA Form 22-1995: For students using the GI Bill Chapter 30, 1606, and 33 Post 9/11

    VA Form 22-5495: For students using the GI Bill Chapter 35 and the Fry Scholarship

  • Before you drop or withdrawal from a class, please contact the VRC, so that we can explain how your VA benefits may be impacted.  
  • Please notify the VRC immediately if you are called or will be called to active duty.  
  • Prior to the start of each new term that you wish to have your attendance certified to the VA, you must submit the Request to Certify form.
  • Meet with Academic Advising each semester to go over your graduation plan.
  • Chapter 33 Post 9/11 students utilizing a Concordia room and/or board plan: you must make payment or set up payment arrangements through the Bursar's office.

Veteran Tuition Discount

CUI offers a 10% tuition discount on all graduate programs and in the Online Bachelor’s Degree for veterans and their spouses who are not receiving the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship. For spouses, marriage certificate and their spouse's DD-214 must be submitted to the VRC.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is dedicated to providing high-quality medical and psychological care to our students in a private, confidential, and safe setting. The staff is committed to the wellness of our students.  

Counseling Services

The Wellness Center provides on-campus psychological counseling through individual therapy and crisis counseling. Counseling services are confidential. Referrals are available for off-campus groups and other psychiatric services as needed.

Health Services

Primary health care services are available for full-time undergraduate students on campus. Students must log in to their electronic medical records @ by August 1 for the Fall semester and by December 1 for the Spring semester in order to complete the following requirements, obtain final clearance, and receive services. Hard copies will not be accepted.

  • Complete Health History Form
  • Sign HIPPA (privacy) Form
  • Enter dates for the following requirements:
    • MMR #1 (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccine or positive titers
    • MMR #2 (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccine or positive titers
    • Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria & pertussis) vaccine
    • Meningitis (ACYW) vaccine administered at age 16 or older
    • A screening test for Tuberculosis (completed within the last 12 months): TB skin test, lab test, or chest x-ray
  • Upload proof of above requirements, such as:
    • Immunization records
    • TB Result Form: use this form if your clinic does not provide one

Services include:

  • Assessment and Treatment of Injuries and Illnesses
    The Nurse Practitioners, utilizing policies and procedures developed collaboratively by a consulting physician and the administration, will see students for assessment of illness and injury. Treatment is provided for common health conditions. Referrals are made to community resources as necessary. All students are seen at the clinic no matter what health insurance they carry.
  • TB (Tuberculosis) Testing
    TB tests (PPD-Mantoux) are given on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and read 2 days later.
  • Immunizations
    MMR, Tdap, meningitis and flu vaccines are available in the Wellness Center. All other vaccines may be ordered by the clinic for an individual student, as needed. A fee is assessed.
  • Nurse Practitioner consultation on health topics
  • Referral to community resources as needed

Note: Although CUI does not require nor provide health insurance for students, it is highly encouraged that all students carry health insurance suitable for their needs.