2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Master of Business Administration in Sports Business (MBAS)

MBAS 610   Sports Leadership   2 Units

The course will cover the key principles necessary for leaders and managing people in today’s sports environment. Important aspects regarding interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, skills to manage conflict, being a person influence, and directing teams through dilemmas to enhanced performance will all be covered. Case studies of sports business problems and adversity will be used to develop the required leadership skills that future sports business professional will need to apply to the unique situations they will encounter in their future positions.

MBAS 611   Sports Media and Public Relations   2 Units

This course will provide comprehensive look at the ever-evolving topics of Media & Public Relations within a sports business setting. The course will provide students with a comprehensive curriculum focusing on how major sports entities develop, manage, and execute their Media and Public Relations strategies and operations. Key topics including comprehensive media training, crisis management, social media training for staff and athletes will be a major focus of this course.

MBAS 612   Fiscal Management in Sports Business   2 Units

The course is designed to provide a solid understanding of financial concepts necessary in sports business. Students will be required to analyze current sports related financial case studies and then apply the results to other sports related short and long-term financial decisions. Some of the related areas will be value of cash flows, decision making based on balance sheets and income statements, sports franchise valuation, stadium/arena financing, athlete salaries, media rights, and more. The course will also require the student to understand and be able to explain all aspects of the economic impact sports businesses have on local communities, at the national and possible international level. Prerequisite: MBA 606.

MBAS 613   Sports Law and Ethics   2 Units

The course will require students to apply sports legal case studies to current issues in sport covering tort law, risk management, contract disputes, NCAA violations, Name Image & Likeness (NIL), Title IX, and professional sports league regulations, sport team negotiations, with other related law and ethics topics.

MBAS 614   Sports Marketing   2 Units

This course will cover multiple aspects of marketing and sponsorship that focuses on corporate partnerships in the world of sports. The student will be required to use current marketing concepts in multiple media forms to develop sponsorship activation plans that can be used in any of the many sports business entities. This could include any of the major professional teams (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB, WNBA, etc.), motor sports, extreme sports, Olympic Sports, recreational sports, and club sports events. Student will develop and deliver a presentation demonstrating all aspects of a strategic marketing plan.

MBAS 616   Data Analytics in Sports   2 Units

Students will experience a hands-on approach to the use of data management and software to do statistical analysis related to both business operations and athlete performance operations of sports entities. This valuable information will be help future sports business professionals make informed financial decisions, evaluate team performance, provide marketing analysis that enhances market segmentation for best ROI, and to quickly validate results in a new sports venture.

MBAS 617   Sports Facility and Event Management   2 Units

The course will cover critical aspects the criteria for successful sports facility proposal, funding, design, construction, and use management. Students will be engaged in on site visits and virtual tours of sights in each stage of the facility planning and operations. Group work will include each of the key areas for both a sports facility and event management that require oral presentation on the group work.

MBAS 618   Global Sports Business   2 Units

This course will provide in-depth understanding into key aspects of sports business from a global perspective. Students will experience a deep dive into professional and major amateur sports structure and governance and how they differ from the familiar North American sports models. Professional sports leagues including international sports federations (FIFA, FIBA, IHHF etc.), British Premier League (BPL), La Liga, etc., KBL, KHL will be studied.

MBAS 619   Collegiate Sports Business   2 Units

With the rapid and drastic changes to college sports, this course is designed to provide students with the most up to date information on collegiate sports business. Key topics include Name, Image & Likeness (NIL), Title IX, sponsorships, gender equity, ADA, emerging sports, eligibility, and in-depth analysis of critical compliance issues impacting sport administrators.

MBAS 620   Sports Agency   2 Units

The course is designed to provide students with the requisite skills necessary to succeed in the sports agency sector. A focus will be on ethical standards to develop relationships with perspective professional athletes, conduct all matters lawfully, and with the best interest of the athlete and his or her family in mind. Students will also be exposed to topical case studies throughout the course and develop an understanding of the licensing process for agents in North American professional sports.

MBAS 623   Social Issues in Sports Business   2 Units

In recent years, the sports industry has seen a major shift in how it deals with major social issues including gender equality, diversity, politics, human resource issues in the workplace, mental health, etc. This course will take a deep dive into a broad range of these issues, and the impact they have on the sports business industry. Students will gain a deep understanding of these issues with the goal of preparing them to better handle these types of challenges in their respective sports business careers.

MBAS 624   Business of Esports   2 Units

Esports have become an omnipresent force in sports & entertainment business and thus, deserves in-depth study. In this course students will be exposed to the business side of this new sports category including a deep dive into structure and delivery models, revenue models, marketing, leagues, teams, facilities, and international considerations.

MBAS 696   MBAS Capstone: Sports Business Plan   4 Units

Capstone sports business plans are the core documents used to formulate, develop, and communicate new business opportunities. Students will develop a comprehensive proposal of an original idea; a funding proposal for an entrepreneurial venture; or a new product line or business venture within an existing organization. Graduation Application Fee: $185. Business Exam Fee: $40. Offered as a Pass/No Pass Course. Prerequisites: MBA 603 and MBA 604 and MBA 605 and MBA 606 and MBA 607 and MBAS 610 and MBAS 611 and MBAS 612 and MBAS 613 and MBAS 614.

MBAS 696E   Capstone: Sports Business Plan Extension   4 Units

Students work toward completion of the MBAS 696 Capstone Sports Business Plan under the direction of a faculty member. The extension course requires additional fees and can be repeated once. Offered as a Pass/No Pass course. Prerequisite is prior approval by capstone instructor.