2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Enduring Questions & Ideas (GE)

Concordia University Irvine's Enduring Questions & Ideas (Q&I) general education curriculum is composed of Core and Exploration courses. Students must complete the requisite course(s) for each big question under the Core and Exploration sections. Students must take at least 1 Social Science course (ANT, ECO, PSY, SOC, COM 216 or COM 324) in answering either the question, "How Shall I Live?" or the question, "Who Am I and Who Are They?"

Core Courses

Level I

Students entering with 29 or fewer transferred semester units take 19 Core units as follows:

What Are Truth, Goodness, and Beauty?
CMTH 101The Nature of Mathematics3
CPHI 101Introduction to Philosophy3
What is Truth?
CBIO 101Integrated Biology4
CTHL 101Foundations of Christian Theology3
What Is Freedom?
Choose 1 of the following course pairings:6
World Literature to the Renaissance3
The West and the World3
World Literature from the Enlightenment3
America and the World3
Total Units19

Level II

Students entering with 30 or more transferred semester units take 6 Core units from the courses below:

What Does It Mean to Be Human?
CPHI 200Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry3
CTHL 200Introduction to Theological Thought3
Students in this category also transfer in or take 13-14 additional units or their equivalents as follows:
Biology (CBIO 101, BIO 101, BIO 111)4
Mathematics (CMTH 101, MTH 201, MTH 252, MTH 271)3-4
Choose 1 of the following courses:
English (CENG 201, CENG 202, ENG 201, ENG 341, ENG 342, ENG 361, ENG 362, ENG 380, ENG 382, ENG 383, ENG 385, ENG 386, ENG 387, ENG 391, ENG 392)3
Choose 1 of the following courses:
History (CHST 201 or HST 201, CHST 202, HST 202, HST 226, HST 301, HST 332, HST 334, HST 336, HST 338, HST 361, HST 410, HST 412, HST 416, HST 431, HST 491)3
Total Units19-20

Exploration Courses

What Are My Vocations?
INT 100Foundations: Exploring Virtue and Vocation *2
"Who Do You Say that I Am?"
Choose 2 of the following courses:6
Life of Christ3
History and Literature of the Old Testament3
History and Literature of the New Testament3
Old Testament Book of the Bible3
New Testament Book of the Bible3
How Shall I Live? **
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Dance for Health3
Leadership Development3
Christian Wellness3
Historical, Social, Cultural Foundations of Sport and P.E.3
Bioethics and Healthcare Professions3
Political Thought I: Ancient to Early Modern3
Political Thought II: The Enlightenment3
Marriage and the Family3
Christians and Ethics ***3
Christianity, Ethics, and Contemporary Culture
Why Art?
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Experiences in Art3
Art History I3
Art History II3
The History of Contemporary Art3
Music Fundamentals3
Experiences in Music3
Music in the Liberal Arts3
Music of World Cultures3
Music Cultures: Musical Expression in Christianity3
Experiences in Theatre3
Introduction to Theatre3
Introduction to Genre and Craft in Creative Writing3
What Is Eloquence?
COM 111Public Speaking3
or COM 211 Introduction to Argumentation and Debate
WRT 102Writing and Research3
or WRT 201 The Art of the Essay
How Do I Understand Nature?
Choose 1 of the following courses:4
Introduction to Chemistry4
Chemistry I4
Physics I4
Calculus-based Physics I4
Astronomy I4
Astronomy II4
Physical Science4
Physical Oceanography4
Who Am I and Who Are They? **
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Cultural Anthropology3
Native Peoples of North America3
Interpersonal Communication3
Intercultural Communication3
History of Economic Thought3
Postcolonial Literature3
Introduction to Psychology3
Introduction to Sociology3
World Religions3
Total Units25-27
Other Academic Requirements74-76
Academic Major
Professional Program (if applicable)
Graduation Requirements
Minor and/or Electives (to reach 120 units)