2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Anthropology (ANT)

ANT 210   Cultural Anthropology   3 Units

Understanding diverse cultures of the world, from preliterate societies to modern technological societies, is the focus of this course, and will include mankind's universal as well as adaptive dimensions; and the examination of socioeconomic, political, religious, and physical environmental factors that relate to the values and lifestyles of various peoples.

ANT 241   Anthropology Field Methods for Travelers   3 Units

Practical application of anthropological concepts designed to assist in analyzing, understanding, and living within other cultural traditions is the focus of this course and will include topics such as the role of culture, living with culture shock, strategies for analyzing cultures, processes of assimilation, language issues, cultural food ways, manners, and social expectations.

ANT 314   Native Peoples of North America   3 Units

An anthropological overview of native North American societies from pre-Columbian times to the present will be the focus of this course, utilizing a culture area approach and including an emphasis on the native people of California. Cross listed with HST 314. Offered alternate years.

ANT 364   Culture and Self   3 Units

This course will explore the relationship between individual experiences and the socio-cultural context, focusing on the role socio-cultural institutions play on personality, health, and world view.

ANT 435   Religion in Society   3 Units

This course will present a comparative examination of religion as an aspect of human culture and will include substantive and functional approaches to religious behavior, religion as a symbol system, ritual behavior, magic, religious movements, and paranormal phenomena. Prerequisite: ANT 210 or permission of instructor. Offered alternate years.