2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Core: Philosophy (CPHI)

CPHI 101   Introduction to Philosophy   3 Units

This course will explore the study and practice of rational inquiry into fundamental questions about human wisdom, action, and creativity through the study of the traditions of Western philosophy through classic texts. Co-requisite: CMTH 101; permission from Academic Advising is needed to take CPHI 101 as an unlinked course.

CPHI 200   Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry   3 Units

Examines topics related to the enduring question "What does it mean to be human?" through the lens of selected medieval and modern philosophers. Special attention will be given to argument analysis, evaluation, and construction. Topics may include the nature of body and soul, free will, personal identity, moral and intellectual virtues, and the like. Co-requisite: CTHL 200; permission from Academic Advising is needed to take CPHI 200 as an unlinked course.