2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Dance (DAN)

DAN 101   Ballet I   1 Unit

This course will introduce the history, origins, various styles, basic ballet positions, movements, and combinations, as well as French ballet terms and their meanings. Course may be repeated once.

DAN 102   Ballet II   1 Unit

As a continuation of DAN 101, this course will further explore the technical and expressive elements of ballet, as well as historically significant ballet schools and styles and is designed to advance the performance level of students who have mastered the basic skills and vocabulary of ballet. Students will practice and perform advanced barre exercises, demi-pointe work, and increasingly complex connecting movements. Course may be repeated once.

DAN 111   Jazz Dance   1 Unit

This course will introduce the fundamentals of jazz dance including its history and styles and is designed for students with no dance experience and experienced dancers wishing to perfect basic jazz dance skills. Jazz dance techniques will be presented and practiced in class, with an emphasis on combinations using a variety of rhythms and styles. Class participation is intended to develop an appreciation for the physical demands of jazz dancing. Course may be repeated once.

DAN 112   Modern Dance   1 Unit

This course introduces the fundamentals of modern dance and its history, and is designed for both students with no dance experience as well as experienced dance students. Students will participate in movement studies and improvisations that deal with shape, space, time, and energy, along with four main dance principles that will encourage creativity and individuality. Emphasis will be on developing axial and loco-motor skills, performing movement combinations, conditioning the body, and solving creative problems. Course may be repeated once.

DAN 131   Social Dance   0.5 Units

All activity courses examine techniques, rules, strategies, and skill development. Course may be repeated once.

DAN 141   Tap Dance   1 Unit

This course will introduce beginning tap dance techniques, history, and performance with a focus on the rhythm tap style with other styles included. Students will practice fundamental tap dance skills; rhythms including swing and Latin; syncopation; time steps; short combinations; and stylings. Course may be repeated once.

DAN 145   Dance for Health   3 Units

Dance for health is an activity-based course that surveys physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social aspects of health which can be achieved through dance as a healthy lifestyle habit. Students will explore published research, participate in weekly social dance class and conduct a collaborative service learning project. Learning social dance integrates physical, mental, social and emotional wellness. Students will also investigate how spiritual wellness can be addressed through dance. Creating a social community environment where the student will teach others dances they have learned will deepen the concepts students have explored throughout the course. The collaborative nature of the project will further advance the social wellness aspect of the course.