2022-2023 Academic Catalog

History (HST)

HST 201   Western Civilization I: Beginning to 1648   3 Units

In this course students will study the emergence of the major political, cultural, social, and economic developments of the Western world from the earliest times through the 17th century including the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern periods.

HST 202   Western Civilization II: 1500 to the Present   3 Units

The emergence of the modern Western world from the early modern period to the present will be covered in this course, including major political, cultural, intellectual, social, and economic developments.

HST 226   United States History   3 Units

This survey course of U.S. history from colonial times to the present will include the political, economic, social, and cultural development at each phase of the country's growth and progress through the study of colonization, independence, early nationhood, sectional strife culminating in the Civil War, reconstruction, economic expansion, prosperity, depression, imperialism, reforms, two world wars, and contemporary tensions.

HST 240   Race and Politics in America   3 Units

An examination of the dynamics of race relations in modern America. While the course begins in post-Civil War America and continues to the present, it highlights the dramatic events of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, analyzing the role of ordinary individuals as well as those in various positions of government. Cross-listed with POL 240.

HST 301   Eastern Civilization   3 Units

This survey course of the major themes of the political and cultural history of the Eastern world from its origins until modern times will focus on the Chinese and Japanese cultural traditions with some attention to other Asian motifs and an emphasis on an understanding and appreciation of the Eastern worldview and ethos.

HST 314   Native Peoples of North America   3 Units

An anthropological overview of native North American societies from pre-Columbian times to the present will be the focus of this course, utilizing a culture area approach and including an emphasis on the native people of California. Cross listed with ANT 314.

HST 320   Strategic Thought   3 Units

This course is a reading-intensive overview of the development of military thought. The readings will cover works of major thinkers in military strategy such as Carl von Clausewitz, A.T. Mahan, and B. H. Liddell Hart. Students will explore the theoretical and applicable dimensions of the concept of strategy, while understanding the development of ideas in their historical context. Cross listed with POL 320.

HST 321   A History of Popular Culture   3 Units

Basic theories and approaches to the scholarly study of significant popular movements and customs in modern Western civilization will be presented in this course with special attention paid to the evolution of media and its effect on group identity, especially American popular culture in the 20th century. Offered alternate years.

HST 322   Social Movements and Collective Action   3 Units

This course will analyze the role of social movements and collective action in society by examining each as a key component in understanding how, why, and when change takes place in society, as well as who participates in this change and with what effectiveness. Cross listed with SOC 322.

HST 332   Ancient Greece and Rome   3 Units

The history of ancient Greece and Rome from the time of Homer to the fall of the Roman Empire will be examined in this course with particular emphasis on Greek and Roman politics, socio-economic life and structures, classical culture and philosophy, and the rise of Christianity. Prerequisite: HST 201 or HST 202 or CHST 201 or CHST 202.

HST 334   Medieval History   3 Units

The emergence of Europe from the early Middle Ages to the Italian Renaissance will be examined in this course including the feudal society, the Christian church, cities and commerce, art and learning, and the rise of kings and nation states. Particular attention will be given to Europe's Greek and Roman legacy as transmitted by the Byzantine and Islamic civilizations. Prerequisite: HST 201 or HST 202 or CHST 201 or CHST 202. Offered alternate years.

HST 336   The Renaissance and the Reformation   3 Units

Europe from the 14th to the 17th century, the transitional period between medieval and modern history, will be examined in this course including the Italian Renaissance, the Northern Renaissance, the Lutheran Reformation, the Calvinist and Anglican Reformations, and the Roman Catholic Counter Reformation. Prerequisite: HST 201 or HST 202 or CHST 201 or CHST 202. Offered alternate years.

HST 338   Modern European History   3 Units

This course integrates various political, social, economic, and cultural phases of Europe's history from the 18th century to the present, including the French Revolution, industrialization, imperialism, the unification of Italy and Germany, communism, fascism; the two world wars, and the Cold War. It will also trace the major scientific, literary, and artistic developments through this era.

HST 341   Early Modern England   3 Units

This course will present a thematic study of English culture and life from the reign of King Henry VIII through the war for American Independence with attention being paid to culture, governance, and factors that led to the expansion of the British Empire and the conflicts in North America. Offered alternate years.

HST 361   History of Propaganda and Persuasion   3 Units

This course will provide an academic approach to the decidedly non-academic and pervasive modes of communication that have shaped the modern world with attention being paid to wartime propaganda in the two world wars, political campaigns in America, and product advertising in market economics. Offered alternate years.

HST 371   Islamic Civilization   3 Units

This introductory course into the lands, peoples, and cultures of the Middle East from antiquity to modern times, will include the role of religion in shaping social and political institutions, and the influence of Islamic thought on the Arab world and conflicts in the contemporary Middle East. Offered alternate years.

HST 403   Topics in Historical Editing   1 Unit

In this course, students work with a professor to build and edit an academic history journal, emphasizing a special topic related to this type of work each year. Students will edit article submissions, book reviews, and forums. Students will also help generate content for the journal by either providing their own work or by encouraging submissions from the student body. The final product will be a printed academic journal to be distributed around the campus. May repeat 4 times for credit and 3 units may be used to fulfill major requirements.

HST 410   Mythology   3 Units

The reception of classical antiquity depends on both the stories the ancients told themselves, as well as their interpretation and reinscription in subsequent times and places. This course traces the debt moderns owe to the earliest recorded stories that shaped civilizations, both to appreciate the stories in their own historical context as well as consider the responses (both those that identify with antiquity and those that assume its alienation) of succeeding eras, culminating in critical consideration of contemporary cultural evocation of the classical tradition. Prerequisite: CHST 201 or CHST 202 or HST 201.

HST 412   The U.S. Constitution   3 Units

This course will look at the origins of the American political system from the end of the Seven Years' War through the Louisiana Purchase and Marbury vs. Madison, with a focusing on government under the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, ratification controversies, the first political party system, and Jeffersonian vs. Hamiltonian approaches to government. Offered alternate years. Cross listed with POL 412.

HST 414   The Courts and the Constitution   3 Units

The development of judicial interpretation of the U.S. Constitution from 1789 to the present will be examined in this course with an emphasis on the political, social, cultural, and economic context for key Supreme Court decisions. The case study method will be used to introduce students to legal reasoning, including controversial court decisions involving race, religion, gender, and limits of government authority.

HST 416   Contemporary Global Issues   3 Units

This seminar course will be devoted to an in-depth examination of a major issue affecting the global community; exact topic to be determine by the instructor each semester. May repeat 4 times for credit and 12 units may be used to fulfill major/minor requirements.

HST 416A   Contemporary Global Issues   3 Units

This seminar course will be devoted to an in-depth examination of a major issue affecting the global community; exact topic to be determine by the instructor each semester.

HST 416B   Contemporary Global Issues   3 Units

This seminar course will be devoted to an in-depth examination of a major issue affecting the global community; exact topic to be determine by the instructor each semester.

HST 421   Latin America   3 Units

Advanced themes in Latin American history, from the colonial period to the present, with special attention to historical events, people and ideas that affect modern issues in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, especially as these relate to Cold War-era conflicts, revolutions, immigration, international trade, and the U.S. involvement in regime change and the “war” on narcotics trafficking.

HST 430   War and Society   3 Units

This course seeks to gain a greater understanding of human societies by exploring their relationship with warfare. Moreover, it seeks to understand how war-making and all of its composite factors (technology, culture, logistical needs, etc.) influence and change human society. Finally, it inquires into how various social and external factors help determine success or failure in warfare beyond the simple narration of tactics and command decisions.

HST 431   Women’s History   3 Units

This course will begin with the early modern era in Europe and will look at the intense interaction between the peoples of many continents and nations over women, the West, and the culture which have their roots in this period of exchange, colonization, and struggle. Offered alternate years.

HST 437   Great Cities   3 Units

This course will survey the history of one of the "great cities" of the world (culturally and intellectually significant urban centers of the past and/or present), with an emphasis on the record of development of urban space from literary, architectural, and other visual artifacts. Prerequisite: Spring course with travel component.

HST 451   The Enlightenment   3 Units

This course will focus on the 18th century Europe and America from the French Revolution to the fall of Napoleon; the expansion of education, science, and philosophy; the growth of the middle class; and the beginnings of industrialism. Offered alternate years.

HST 455   History and Philosophy of Science   3 Units

This course will introduce the philosophic nature of science with a literary review of philosophic issues associated with the epistemological and historical development of science starting with ancient Greece through today. Cross listed with SCI 455. Prerequisite: CBIO 101 or consent of instructor.

HST 478   History of California   3 Units

The history of California from earliest times to the present with an emphasis on its Hispanic heritage will be the focus of this course.

HST 490   Internship: History   1-8 Units

HST 491   Advanced Topics in History   3 Units

This research-oriented course will allow advanced students to study one aspect of history in depth with a view towards either graduate study or a project for the President's Academic Showcase for Undergraduate Research. May repeat 4 times for credit and 12 units may be used to fulfill major/minor requirements.