2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Music: Applied

An applied music course consists of private lessons on a specific instrument or voice and occasional collaborative sessions with a staff accompanist.  It will focus on the development of musical skills such as (but not limited to) daily maintenance, tone production, flexibility, articulation, range, technique, phrasing, musicianship, pacing, memorization, performance collaboration (w/accompanist), and stage presence.  All of these will be integrated into the study of etudes, solos and standard repertoire. Students will demonstrate their performance skills in juries, studio classes, and/or noon recital performances. All private lessons require a tuition surcharge.  See www.cui.edu/musiclessons for details.

MUBB 101   Private Lessons: Trombone I   1,2 Unit

MUBB 201   Private Lessons: Trombone II   1,2 Unit

MUBB 301   Private Lessons: Trombone III   1,2 Unit

MUBB 398   Junior Recital: Trombone   1 Unit

MUBB 401   Private Lessons: Trombone IV   1,2 Unit

MUBB 498   Senior Recital: Trombone   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUBF 101   Private Lessons: French Horn I   1,2 Unit

MUBF 201   Private Lessons: French Horn II   1,2 Unit

MUBF 301   Private Lessons: French Horn III   1,2 Unit

MUBF 398   Junior Recital: French Horn   1 Unit

MUBF 401   Private Lessons: French Horn IV   1,2 Unit

MUBF 498   Senior Recital: French Horn   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUBT 101   Private Lessons: Trumpet I   1,2 Unit

MUBT 201   Private Lessons: Trumpet II   1,2 Unit

MUBT 301   Private Lessons: Trumpet III   1,2 Unit

MUBT 398   Junior Recital: Trumpet   1 Unit

MUBT 401   Private Lessons: Trumpet IV   1,2 Unit

MUBT 498   Senior Recital: Trumpet   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUBU 101   Private Lessons: Tuba/Euphonium I   1,2 Unit

MUBU 201   Private Lessons: Tuba/Euphonium II   1,2 Unit

MUBU 301   Private Lessons: Tuba/Euphonium III   1,2 Unit

MUBU 398   Junior Recital: Tuba/Euphonium   1 Unit

MUBU 401   Private Lessons: Tuba/Euphonium IV   1,2 Unit

MUBU 498   Senior Recital: Tuba/Euphonium   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUCO 101   Private Lessons: Composition I   1,2 Unit

MUCO 201   Private Lessons: Composition II   1,2 Unit

MUCO 301   Private Lessons: Composition III   1,2 Unit

MUCO 398   Junior Recital: Composition   1 Unit

MUCO 401   Private Lessons: Composition IV   1,2 Unit

MUCO 498   Senior Recital: Composition   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUCS 101   Private Lessons: Songwriting I   1,2 Unit

MUCS 201   Private Lessons: Songwriting II   1,2 Unit

MUCS 301   Private Lessons: Songwriting III   1,2 Unit

MUCS 401   Private Lessons: Songwriting IV   1,2 Unit

MUCS 498   Senior Recital: Songwriting   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUGB 101   Private Lessons: Bass Guitar I   1,2 Unit

MUGB 201   Private Lessons: Bass Guitar II   1,2 Unit

MUGB 301   Private Lessons: Bass Guitar III   1,2 Unit

MUGB 398   Junior Recital: Bass Guitar   1 Unit

MUGB 401   Private Lessons: Bass Guitar IV   1,2 Unit

MUGB 498   Senior Recital: Bass Guitar   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUGC 211   Church Music Guitar Competency   0 Units

This zero credit competency course/exam will assess a student's ability to lead worship from the guitar. The exam may be repeated until the student obtains a passing grade. Private lessons are available for students who want to receive specialized instruction in techniques to help a student prepare for this exam. This particular competency exam is typically taken in the junior and senior year of study. Class fee: $25.

MUGU 100A   Guitar Class I   1 Unit

This course will teach basic skills to the beginning guitarist.

MUGU 100B   Guitar Class II   1 Unit

This course will build upon the skills gained in MUGU 100A as students continue to develop basic guitar skills. Prerequisite: MUGU 100A or instructor's permission.

MUGU 101   Private Lessons: Guitar I   1,2 Unit

MUGU 201   Private Lessons: Guitar II   1,2 Unit

MUGU 301   Private Lessons: Guitar III   1,2 Unit

MUGU 398   Junior Recital: Guitar   1 Unit

MUGU 401   Private Lessons: Guitar IV   1,2 Unit

MUGU 498   Senior Recital: Guitar   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUHA 101   Private Lessons: Handbells I   1,2 Unit

MUHA 201   Private Lessons: Handbells II   1,2 Unit

MUHA 301   Private Lessons: Handbells III   1,2 Unit

MUHA 398   Junior Recital: Handbells   1 Unit

MUHA 401   Private Lessons: Handbells IV   1,2 Unit

MUHA 498   Senior Recital: Handbells   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUKC 311   Church Music Keyboard Competency   0 Units

This zero credit compentency course/exam will assess a student's ability to lead worship from a piano and/or organ in a congregation which uses a hymnal (e.g. LSB) as its main resource for congregational song material. The exam may be repeated until the student obtains a passing grade. Private lessons are available for students who want to receive specialized instruction in order to prepare for this exam. This particular competency exam is typically taken in the junior or senior year of study, after completion of the music major piano competency exam. Class fee: $25. Prerequisite: MUKP 211.

MUKI 101   Private Lessons: Keyboard Improvisation I   1,2 Unit

MUKI 201   Private Lessons: Keyboard Improvisation II   1,2 Unit

MUKI 301   Private Lessons: Keyboard Improvisation III   1,2 Unit

MUKI 398   Junior Recital: Keyboard Improvisation   1 Unit

MUKI 401   Private Lessons: Keyboard Improvisation IV   1,2 Unit

MUKI 498   Senior Recital: Keyboard Improvisation   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUKO 100   Organ Class   1 Unit

This course will introduce basic organ techniques and repertoire to students with limited or no prior organ experience. As students become comfortable with combining hands and feet, the class will address topics such as organ repertoire, mechanics of the instrument, practical applications (hymn playing in particular), touch, articulation, and registration. Practice time is required and the student will need to obtain organ shoes and purchase a textbook. The course may be repeated.

MUKO 101   Private Lessons: Organ I   1,2 Unit

MUKO 201   Private Lessons: Organ II   1,2 Unit

MUKO 301   Private Lessons: Organ III   1,2 Unit

MUKO 398   Junior Recital: Organ   1 Unit

MUKO 401   Private Lessons: Organ IV   1,2 Unit

MUKO 498   Senior Recital: Organ   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUKP 100A   Piano Class I   1 Unit

This course will offer students basic keyboard playing skills and concepts including the ability to read and play music by recognizing rhythms, intervals, chords, scales, and other musical patterns. Students will become familiar with the tools and terms of music and begin to read music.

MUKP 100B   Piano Class II   1 Unit

This course will build upon the skills gained in MUKP 100A as students continue to develop basic keyboard skills. Recommended: MUKP 100A or equivalent keyboard experience.

MUKP 100C   Piano Class III   1 Unit

This course will build upon the skills gained in MUKP 100B as students continue to develop basic keyboard skills. Recommended: MUKP 100B or equivalent keyboard experience.

MUKP 101   Private Lessons: Piano I   1,2 Unit

MUKP 201   Private Lessons: Piano II   1,2 Unit

MUKP 211   Piano Competency   0 Units

Students in a music major must register for MUKP 211 the semester in which they plan to take the examination. Class fee: $25.

MUKP 301   Private Lessons: Piano III   1,2 Unit

MUKP 398   Junior Recital: Piano   1 Unit

MUKP 401   Private Lessons: Piano IV   1,2 Unit

MUKP 498   Senior Recital: Piano   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUPD 101   Private Lessons: Drum Set I   1,2 Unit

MUPD 201   Private Lessons: Drum Set II   1,2 Unit

MUPD 301   Private Lessons: Drum Set III   1,2 Unit

MUPD 398   Junior Recital: Drum Set   1 Unit

MUPD 401   Private Lessons: Drum Set IV   1,2 Unit

MUPD 498   Senior Recital: Drum Set   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUPE 101   Private Lessons: Percussion-Concert I   1,2 Unit

MUPE 201   Private Lessons: Percussion-Concert II   1,2 Unit

MUPE 301   Private Lessons: Percussion-Concert III   1,2 Unit

MUPE 398   Junior Recital: Percussion-Concert   1 Unit

MUPE 401   Private Lessons: Percussion-Concert IV   1,2 Unit

MUPE 498   Senior Recital: Percussion-Concert   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUVA 101   Private Lessons: Viola I   1,2 Unit

MUVA 201   Private Lessons: Viola II   1,2 Unit

MUVA 301   Private Lessons: Viola III   1,2 Unit

MUVA 398   Junior Recital: Viola   1 Unit

MUVA 401   Private Lessons: Viola IV   1,2 Unit

MUVA 498   Senior Recital: Viola   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUVB 101   Private Lessons: Double Bass I   1,2 Unit

MUVB 201   Private Lessons: Double Bass II   1,2 Unit

MUVB 301   Private Lessons: Double Bass III   1,2 Unit

MUVB 398   Junior Recital: Double Bass   1 Unit

MUVB 401   Private Lessons: Double Bass IV   1,2 Unit

MUVB 498   Senior Recital: Double Bass   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUVC 101   Private Lessons: Cello I   1,2 Unit

MUVC 201   Private Lessons: Cello II   1,2 Unit

MUVC 301   Private Lessons: Cello III   1,2 Unit

MUVC 398   Junior Recital: Cello   1 Unit

MUVC 401   Private Lessons: Cello IV   1,2 Unit

MUVC 498   Senior Recital: Cello   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUVH 101   Private Lessons: Harp I   1,2 Unit

MUVH 201   Private Lessons: Harp II   1,2 Unit

MUVH 301   Private Lessons: Harp III   1,2 Unit

MUVH 398   Junior Recital: Harp   1 Unit

MUVH 401   Private Lessons: Harp IV   1,2 Unit

MUVH 498   Senior Recital: Harp   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUVN 101   Private Lessons: Violin I   1,2 Unit

MUVN 201   Private Lessons: Violin II   1,2 Unit

MUVN 301   Private Lessons: Violin III   1,2 Unit

MUVN 398   Junior Recital: Violin   1 Unit

MUVN 401   Private Lessons: Violin IV   1,2 Unit

MUVN 498   Senior Recital: Violin   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUVO 100   Voice Class   1 Unit

This interactive course will introduce students to fundamental aspects of the singing process including alignment, breath support and management, resonance, vowels and consonants, and interpretation and performance techniques.

MUVO 101   Private Lessons: Voice I   1,2 Unit

MUVO 201   Private Lessons: Voice I   1,2 Unit

MUVO 301   Private Lessons: Voice III   1,2 Unit

MUVO 398   Junior Recital: Voice   1 Unit

MUVO 401   Private Lessons: Voice IV   1,2 Unit

MUVO 498   Senior Recital: Voice   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUWB 101   Private Lessons: Bassoon I   1,2 Unit

MUWB 201   Private Lessons: Bassoon II   1,2 Unit

MUWB 301   Private Lessons: Bassoon III   1,2 Unit

MUWB 398   Junior Recital: Bassoon   1 Unit

MUWB 401   Private Lessons: Bassoon IV   1,2 Unit

MUWB 498   Senior Recital: Bassoon   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUWC 101   Private Lessons: Clarinet I   1,2 Unit

MUWC 201   Private Lessons: Clarinet II   1,2 Unit

MUWC 301   Private Lessons: Clarinet III   1,2 Unit

MUWC 398   Junior Recital: Clarinet   1 Unit

MUWC 401   Private Lessons: Clarinet IV   1,2 Unit

MUWC 498   Senior Recital: Clarinet   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUWF 101   Private Lessons: Flute I   1,2 Unit

MUWF 201   Private Lessons: Flute II   1,2 Unit

MUWF 301   Private Lessons: Flute III   1,2 Unit

MUWF 398   Junior Recital: Flute   1 Unit

MUWF 401   Private Lessons: Flute IV   1,2 Unit

MUWF 498   Senior Recital: Flute   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUWO 101   Private Lessons: Oboe I   1,2 Unit

MUWO 201   Private Lessons: Oboe II   1,2 Unit

MUWO 301   Private Lessons: Oboe III   1,2 Unit

MUWO 398   Junior Recital: Oboe   1 Unit

MUWO 401   Private Lessons: Oboe IV   1,2 Unit

MUWO 498   Senior Recital: Oboe   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.

MUWS 101   Private Lessons: Saxophone I   1,2 Unit

MUWS 201   Private Lessons: Saxophone II   1,2 Unit

MUWS 301   Private Lessons: Saxophone III   1,2 Unit

MUWS 398   Junior Recital: Saxophone   1 Unit

MUWS 401   Private Lessons: Saxophone IV   1,2 Unit

MUWS 498   Senior Recital: Saxophone   1 Unit

Prerequisite: MUS 290.