2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Christ College

The Cross-cultural Ministry Center (CMC) Program

The curriculum of the CMC seeks to form faithful missionary pastors to launch and develop culture-crossing ministries.  It is comprised of three interlinked components:

  1. Coursework for a Master of Arts in Theology (Theology and Culture emphasis)
  2. Courses preparing students for pastoral ministry (required for certification as an ordained minister)
  3. Concurrent vicarage experience.  All coursework in the CMC is embedded in real life ministry and mission experience, the “CMC Missional Vicarage.”  It is 4+ years, part of the requirements for completing the CMC curriculum, and runs concurrently with coursework.  It consists of planning activities, carrying out those activities, and then journaling your progress.  In the first half of the Missional Vicarage, vicars carry out basic mission and ministry activities at a Lutheran church.  In the second half, vicars plan and finally launch and develop a new culture-crossing ministry in the community.  All of this is closely coordinated with district facilitators and carried out under the guidance of a local congregation, a Mentor Pastor, and a CUI Faculty Supervisor.  This vicarage experience and the submission of the final Vicarage Portfolio replace the thesis for the Master of Arts in Theology (Theology and Culture emphasis)*.

    Additionally, those who speak English as their native and sole language must become familiar with a modern spoken language other than English by successfully completing six semester credits (or equivalent) of undergraduate level language courses with a "C" or better  before receiving certification. The modern language must be one that will help the student with his New Ministry Start during his vicarage.

Attendance:  CMC students will typically be required to attend four summer intensives in order to complete the required courses.  Only one class period of a summer intensive may be missed, and only with permission of both instructor and program director.

Program Requirements

MA Theology (Theology and Culture emphasis) Coursework
THL 501Introduction to Theological Research2
THL 502Ministry in Cultural Context3
THL 504Survey of Historical Theology3
THL 510Lutheran Confessions3
THL 521World Religions3
THL 529Lutheran Hermeneutics and the Theology of Scripture3
THL 565Christianity, Ethics and Contemporary Culture3
TPRC 521Theology and Practice of Mission3
TPRC 540Entrepreneurial Mission Planting3
Choose 1 of the following courses:3
Systematics I3
Systematics II3
Systematics III3
Pastoral Preparation Coursework
TGRE 501Greek I3
TGRE 502Greek II3
TEXO 507Old Testament Isagogics3
TEXO 510Old Testament Book3
TEXN 510The Synoptic Gospels and Acts3
TEXN 520Romans/Pauline Literature3
TEXN 532Johannine Corpus3
TEXN 540Prison, Pastoral and General Epistles3
THL 505Polity, Leadership and Team Ministry3
THL 530The Reformation3
TPRC 502Pastoral Theology **3
TPRC 503Pastor as Counselor3
TPRC 530Homiletics I **3
TPRC 531Homiletics II **3
TPRC 541Mission Planting Institute3
TPRC 542Christian Worship in Cultural Context3
Choose 2 of the following courses not taken for MA:6
Systematics I3
Systematics II3
Systematics III3
CMC Missional Vicarage
TVIC 501Vicarage I: Practicum I2
TVIC 502Vicarage I: Practicum II3
TVIC 503Vicarage II: Internship I3
TVIC 504Vicarage II: Internship II3
TVIC 505Vicarage III: Mission Plant I3
TVIC 506Vicarage III: Mission Plant II3
TVIC 507Vicarage IV: Church Planting I3
TVIC 508Vicarage IV: Church Planting II3
Total Units106