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School of Health and Human Sciences

Dean: Dr. Terry Olson

Mission Statement

Guided by the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and as a Lutheran liberal arts institution, the School of Health and Human Sciences (SHHS) is committed to preparing students to become servant leaders and societal agents of change.

Vision Statement

Firmly committed to servant-leadership addressing the health needs of our communities and foundationally grounded in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, students can expect an educational experience embedded in the latest disciplinal academic scholarship and research coupled with innovative curriculum approaches that foster student engagement and academic learning. Throughout the educational process, guided by high-impact and hands-on professional faculty, students within SHHS will gain better insight and understanding on how to provide holistic community-focused care through our institutions’ centeredness on the development of the mind (high-quality academics), body (care of self), heart (love/service of neighbor), and soul (love toward God).

Bachelor of Arts Degree

  • program
    Director: Dr. Catherine Sinardi

Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • program

  • program
    Director: Dr. Cheryl Smythe-Padgham
    Assistant Director: Dr. Jennifer Dahl

  • Licensed Vocation Nurse to Registered Nurse (30-unit option certificate)


Master Degrees