2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Educational Leadership: SEL, Character, Ethics (EDCE)

EDCE 533   SEL Core Competencies   3 Units

This course will provide a fundamental overview of the profound benefits that are derived by explicitly including a social emotional learning (SEL) program into the school curriculum to reduce stress and anxiety, promote well-being, enhance relationships, and promote safety and personal health. Specific strategies will be examined to help students acquire the following: social skills, social awareness skills, social decision-making and problem-solving skills, self-awareness skills, and self-management skills.

EDCE 541   Mental Health Intervention   3 Units

This course prepares candidates with the ability to provide an initial assessment of a student's mental health needs and make the appropriate referrals within and external to the school site. Candidates will learn to counsel and address mental health needs of students during times of transition, separation, or heightened stress, and how to access community services that assist all student needs. Additionally, candidates will be able to develop, implement, and monitor prevention, education, and intervention programs, including but not limited to behavior disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and suicide.

EDCE 543   Managing Classroom and School Wide Behavior   3 Units

This course will help leaders in education develop a proactive approach to preventing and solving problem behavior on a school-wide basis through effective instructional programs and staff development. Specific strategies will be examined on how to teach appropriate behavior, motivate the apathetic, and reinforce those who exhibit positive behavior.

EDCE 553   Building Character and Ethics in Today's Schools   3 Units

This course will provide clear rationale for intentionally incorporating a comprehensive character education program in today’s schools and proactive strategies to help students understand the urgency and relevancy of internalizing ethical values such as respect, honesty, justice, civic virtue, compassion, kindness into their core as people of integrity. The benefits to schools that incorporate character education programs will be examined such as: higher academic performance, improved attendance, reduced violence, fewer disciplinary issues, and overall improvement in children’s emotional, moral, and intellectual development.

EDCE 561   Crisis Response, Intervention and Management   3 Units

This course prepares candidates to define a crisis, identify the appropriate responses, and develop a variety of intervention strategies to meet the needs of the individual, group, or school community before, during, and after crisis response. Students will demonstrate knowledge of trauma-informed care processes including but not limited to addressing social/emotional & mental health, needs, crises, and traumas that are barriers to student achievement.