2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Educational Leadership (EDEL)

EDEL 510   Servant Leadership   3 Units

This course will present the value of incorporating the servant leadership model into one's repertoire as an educational leader today. Students will identify key characteristics and strategies that will enhance their legacy as a leader who galvanizes positive changes in the lives of students, colleagues, parents, and the overall school culture.

EDEL 540   School Law and Public Policy   3 Units

This course will examine education-related legal disputes in K-12 and higher education levels. Examples of topics to be explored include: campus safety and privacy, student freedom of expression, cyberbullying, religion in schools, technology concerns, race-conscious policies, school sports, teacher tenure, due process, special education, and rights of undocumented students.

EDEL 550   Contemporary Cultural and Political Issues in Education   3 Units

This course will provide an overview of the social, cultural, and political issues and trends that affect the leadership in today’s American schools. Students will learn to view polemical issues from multiple vantage points to better understand the diverse perspectives that permeate society today and then lead with wisdom, honor, and character.

EDEL 580   Educational Leadership   3 Units

This course will provide students with an introduction to educational research by exploring problems or issues in education, qualitative research methods, and analyzing research articles. Students will learn the essentials needed to carry out the research process and begin their capstone project to be completed in EDEL 605.

EDEL 605   Capstone Project   3 Units

This course will enable students to finalize their capstone project. Students will triangulate data using critical self-reflection, credible literature, and observations as a method to respond to an educational problem or issue in education. Upon completion of the written project, students will orally present their capstone project in class. Graduation Application Fee: $185.