2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Arabic (ARB)

ARB 101   Arabic (Standard) I   4 Units

This is a beginning course in language and culture introducing students to written, oral, and historical traditions behind modern standard Arabic. Conducted primarily through classroom instruction, this course will be augmented with written, oral/aural, internet, and other germane resources. The Arabic script, basic grammar, vocabulary, and syntax will be covered. Students will complete the course able to read and translate basic Arabic sentences.

ARB 199   Orientation To Arabic   1-3 Units

This course introduces the basics of the Arabic script, grammar, and syntax.

ARB 201   Arabic (Standard) II   3 Units

This course will cover advanced Arabic grammar and vocabulary as students read and translate classical and modern Arabic texts and learn some basic conversational Arabic (Egyptian dialect). Prerequisite: ARB 101.