2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Christian Education (CED)

CED 201   Introduction to Christian Education: Theory and Practice   3 Units

Students will be introduced to the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian education within the church in this course as they meet and observe Christian education practitioners; create a philosophy of ministry; begin a professional portfolio; and explore their personal interests, giftedness, and skills in relation to those needed for success in Christian education leadership. Students will also determine their commitment to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Director of Christian Education program. Course requirement: Completion of fingerprint clearance procedures including payment of appropriate fees.

CED 202   Church Leadership and Administration   3 Units

In this course students will explore biblical principles and current practices of leaders and managers: envisioning, organizing, recruitment, training, and supervision of volunteers, budgeting, publicizing, and evaluating with special emphasis upon the application of these functions to church and parachurch leadership and administration. Learning culminates in a strategic ministry plan used within students' fieldwork congregations. Prerequisite: Fingerprint clearance or consent of Christ College's Office of Church Vocations.

CED 350   Learning Across the Life Span   3 Units

This course will present the major concepts, theories and applications related to both the typical and atypical spiritual, moral, cognitive, social, and emotional development across the lifespan in the context of local church ministry. Knowledge gained in this course lays a foundation for leadership of children's, family, youth, adult, and special needs ministry.

CED 370   Children’s and Family Ministry   3 Units

This course will examine and evaluate methods and materials appropriate for faith development and reflective of the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of children aged birth through grade six. Evaluation of curriculum, facilities, policies, and procedures towards a comprehensive ministry to and with children and their families will be addressed, emphasizing the involvement of children along with their families into the total life of the church. A fieldwork component is required.

CED 380   Youth Ministry and Culture   3 Units

This course examines youth ministry in the context of cultural influences on adolescents in society today through the lens of Lutheran theology. The course will include discussions on traditional adolescent issues and responses that seek to address these issues. A fieldwork component is required.

CED 390   Practicum: DCE Ministry   1-3 Units

In this course students will spend time on-site with a serving DCE to acquire experience and skills related to DCE ministry including evaluation of the practicum experience. Prerequisites: CED 201 and full acceptance into Christ College and the DCE program (unless waived by the program director). Repeatable. Offered as a Pass/No Pass course.

CED 401   Senior Fieldwork Seminar I   3 Units

In this course students will spend time on-site with a serving DCE to acquire experience and skills related to DCE ministry, including evaluation of the practicum experience, presentation of current DCE ministry trends, resources, and philosophies. Prerequisites: Student is in final year of and fully accepted into the DCE program/Christian Education Leadership major.

CED 402   Senior Fieldwork Seminar II   3 Units

Continuation of CED 401. Prerequisite: CED 401.

CED 455   Catechesis: Theory and Practice   3 Units

This course will survey the history, theory, and practice of catechesis in the Lutheran Church. Students will examine a variety of catechetical models and skills needed to develop a holistic approach to the catechesis of youth, adults, and families. A fieldwork component is required. Offered in alternate years. Prerequisite: THL 371 (concurrent enrollment allowed).

CED 460   Adult Ministry   3 Units

This course will introduce students to the theological foundation of ministry to and with adults, stages of adulthood, adult learning, generational theories, unique needs of contemporary adults, theory and practice of small group ministry, and current programs and practices which will equip adults for ministry, build-up the body of Christ, and develop adults' faith in Christ.

CED 470   Family Systems   3 Units

This course will examine the dynamics of family interaction from a systems perspective. An understanding of family systems theory will be applied to the historical, sociological, theological, and biblical contexts of family life and the church. Topics will include family formation, the process of family life, family history, non-nuclear families, and crisis assessment.

CED 490   Internship: DCE   0.5-6 Units

A mentored, full-time, year-long experience in a congregation of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) or ministry under the supervision of a called LCMS minister, enabling students to experience as many aspects of a congregation's educational ministries as possible. This may include children's, youth, family, adult, and other congregational ministries (e.g., evangelism, church music, etc.). The internship is designed to be a mutually cooperative ministry relationship between student, congregation, and the university. Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of academic program requirements and preliminary theological approval from the LCMS Church Vocations Council. Twelve (12) months of internship are required for DCE certification. Offered as a Pass/No Pass course.

CED 491   International Internship: DCE Ministry   6 Units

A continuation of CED 490 in an international context ordinarily eighteen to twenty-four (18-24) months in duration, taken in the second (2nd) year of an international internship. Offered as a Pass/No Pass course. Prerequisite: Two (2) semesters of CED 490.