2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Science (SCI)

SCI 115   Physical Science   4 Units

Integrated, interdisciplinary introduction to chemistry, central science, and physics, the fundamental science, emphasizing key concepts, significant chemical and physical phenomena and practical applications together with a brief introduction to the historical, philosophical, epistemological and theological underpinnings of chemistry and physics in current Christian apologetic context. Prerequisite: CMTH 101 or MTH 201 or higher (concurrent enrollment allowed). A lab fee is required.

SCI 118   Physical Oceanography   4 Units

This course will provide an introduction to the physical sciences in the context of physical oceanography along with the basic concepts of physics and chemistry including properties of water, ocean currents, heat budget, nutrient cycling, ocean-atmosphere interaction, El Niῆo-Southern Oscillation, oceanic waves, and tidal cycles. Lab time is included in the schedule along with field trips during lab time and up to two (2) weekend field trips. This course fulfills Q&I general education. Offered alternate years (odd years, fall semester).

SCI 211   Geology   3 Units

This course will present a study of the origin and composition of rocks and minerals; landscape development by water, ice, and wind; earthquakes; the earth's interior; the nature of mountains and their development; the drift of continental and oceanic plates; and environmental aspects of geology. One to two (1-2) weekend field trips may be required. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Offered alternate years.

SCI 301   Earth Science   3 Units

This is an introductory course to the position, motion, and properties of the solar system and cosmos including a survey of spatial concepts of the earth's crust, materials, structure, and the effects on the land forms, soil, vegetation, and natural resources. An overview of the atmosphere, its composition, and the processes that makes the earth's surface so dynamic will be included. Prerequisites: (BIO 101 or BIO 111 or CBIO 101) and (CHE 101 or CHE 221 or SCI 115).

SCI 318   Ocean Science   4 Units

This course will provide an interdisciplinary introduction to biological, physical, and chemical ocean processes, as well as the human activities that influence the presence, distribution, form, and function of marine life across a variety of marine habitats. Traditional lectures, peer-led and problem-based learning, and lab time will be included. Field trips during lab time should be expected, as well as up to two (2) weekend field trips. A lab fee is required. Prerequisites: (BIO 101 or BIO 111 or CBIO 101) and (CHE 101 or SCI 115) or consent of instructor. Typically offered alternate years (even years, spring semester).

SCI 390   Practicum: Science   1-4 Units

This course is a practical, hands-on experience outside the classroom directly related to the student's major, minor or professional program that is a beneficial complement to the student's academic experience.

SCI 455   History and Philosophy of Science   3 Units

This course will introduce the philosophic nature of science with a literary review of philosophic issues associated with the epistemological and historical development of science starting with ancient Greece through today. Cross listed with HST 455. Prerequisite: CBIO 101 or consent of instructor. Typically offered every spring semester.

SCI 490   Internship: Science   1-6 Units

SCI 495   Research Methods   1 Unit

This course will introduce basic techniques in laboratory research, experimental design, library databases, review of peer-reviewed literature, and quantitative and qualitative analyses. Students will compose a research proposal intended to guide future original student-conducted research. Interdisciplinary topics are included. Prerequisite: Sixteen (16) units of major courses or consent of instructor. Typically offered each semester.