2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Sociology (SOC)

SOC 101   Introduction to Sociology   3 Units

This course will analyze the topics of socialization; social interaction, relationships, deviance, control, institutions, processes, and change; family and educational problems; child abuse; crime and delinquency; and drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.

SOC 229   Crime, Deviance and Social Control   3 Units

This introductory course to the scientific study of crime as a social phenomenon focus on how crime in our society is related to the collective aspects of human life.

SOC 316   Ethnic and Minority Relations   3 Units

This course will analyze ethnicity in contemporary urban society including the relationship between sub-cultural communities and the larger society; examining the factors and processes in the formation of minority groups; and looking at strategies for changing dominant-minority patterns.

SOC 320   Social Stratification   3 Units

This course will introduce the sources, functions, and dynamics of the unequal distribution of wealth, power, knowledge, and prestige in an historical, comparative perspective.

SOC 321   Social Problems   3 Units

As an introduction to the major problems in contemporary America, this course will focus on the causes, theoretical explanations, and social policy solutions including economic, political, urbanization, environmental, family and educational problems; child abuse; social deviance; crime; delinquency; and drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.

SOC 322   Social Movements and Collective Action   3 Units

This course will analyze the role of social movements and collective action in society by examining each as a key component in understanding how, why, and when change takes place in society, as well as who participates in this change and with what effectiveness. Cross listed with HST 322.

SOC 325   Women and Gender Issues   3 Units

This course will offer a multidisciplinary perspective to understanding women's roles along with an analysis of the status of women in Western society from a cross-cultural perspective including gender stereotypes, the theories of male domination, male-female relationships, women's liberation, and the role of women in the church.

SOC 332   Child, Family and Community   3 Units

With an overview of the socialization process involving the young child in the larger cultural setting, this course will focus on social institutions as social agents including the family, school, peer groups, mass media, and community structures. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above.

SOC 355   Social Gerontology   3 Units

This course will look at aging from a sociological perspective with attention given to current research, problems faced by the elderly, the impact of an increasingly aging population on society, and the resulting implications for policy and social intervention. Offered alternate years.

SOC 365   Sociology of Globalization   3 Units

This course will investigate globalization and its impact on the political, social, and cultural arrangements around the world. Students will investigate the various definitions and interpretations of globalization; analyze how globalization is experienced in different countries; and examine the various reactions to globalization - both for and against.

SOC 390   Practicum: Sociology   1-4 Units

A practical experience outside the classroom this is directly related to the student's major, minor or professional program. It typically involves "hands-on" experience that is a beneficial complement to the student's academic experience.

SOC 461   Social Theory   3 Units

This course will examine selected social theories and theorists and the history and development of social theory including the following: the formulation and evaluation of social theories such as social systems, evolutionary, formal, phenomenological, symbolic interaction, social action, and exchange theories; sociology of knowledge; and functionalism. Offered alternate years.

SOC 490   Internship: Sociology   1-8 Units