2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Tuition and Fees



No other source shall be used to quote university tuition or fees.                                                                

Fees (All Students)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Application Fee (International & Domestic Undergrad, non-refundable) $50 $50
Graduation Application Fee (non-refundable) $185* $185*
International Application Processing Fee (Graduate, non-refundable) $150 $150
Last Registration Fee $50 $50
Study Abroad Fee $200 thru CUI/$500 third party $200 thru CUI/$500 third party


Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Reservation Fee (returning, traditional undergraduates) $300 (non-refundable)
Off-Campus Housing Appeals Form Late Fee $250
Quads $3,845/semester
Sigma/Rho $3,590/semester
Non-student Employee
$238/week $238/week


Fee Summer Fall/Spring
5/week (commuters only) $1,535/semester
10/week $2,345/semester
14/week $2,540/semester
19/week $2,625/semester
20 Meals + 50 flex dollars (commuters only) $223 $230
30 Meals + 50 flex dollars (commuters only) $293 $302
40 Meals + 50 flex dollars (commuters only) $352 $363


Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Deposit (required) $300
Student Service Fee $425/semester
New Student Orientation Fee $200 (one-time fee)
International Undergraduate Orientation Fee $100 (one-time fee)
Full-time Tuition (12-18 units) $19,665/semester
Tuition Overload (18.5+ units) $640/unit
Part-time Tuition $1,116/unit
Online Tuition (Degree and Non-degree Courses) $370/unit
May Intensive-term Courses $420/unit
Applied Music Tuition $626/unit
Study Tour Courses $443/unit $443/unit

Graduate and Non-Traditional Undergraduate Audit Fees

*Cost per unit for an audited course is 25% of the per-unit tuition rate for that program. If the program has a tuition cost of $545 per unit, the audited cost would be $136.25 per unit. Please click on a program below to see their per-unit tuition costs.

Christ College: Director of Christian Education (DCE)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Stateside Internship Fee (flat rate) $7,019
International Internship Fee (flat rate) $10,595

Doctor of Education (EdD) and Certificate

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $1,015/unit $1,015/unit
Student Service Fee $200/semester $200/semester
Washington, D.C. trip (required) $1,600 plus airfare **
People's Republic of China Trip (optional) $3,700 including airfare **

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $995/unit $995/unit

Master of Arts in Church Leadership

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $625/unit $625/unit

Master of Arts in Coaching and Athletics Administration (MCAA) 

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $555/unit $555/unit
Student Service Fee $50 (one-time fee)

Master of Arts in Education (MAED) 

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $650/unit $650/unit

Master of Arts in Theology and Certificate

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $630/unit $630/unit
Cross-Cultural Ministry Center $620/unit $620/unit
KINDLE Articulation Fee $60/unit $60/unit

Master of Business Administration (MBA and MBAS) 

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $950/unit $950/unit

Master of Education (MEd) and Teacher Credential Program 

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition: Credential Students $650/unit $650/unit
Tuition: MEd Students $650/unit $650/unit
Clear Credential/Induction $600
Student Teaching Fee II (SB 2042 Program) $500

Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) 

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $615/unit $615/unit

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $625/unit $625/unit

Master of Science in Coaching and Exercise Sciences (MSCE)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Tuition $555/unit $555/unit
Student Service Fee $50 (one-time fee)

Nursing Program

Bachelor of Science (ABSN)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Accelerated 2nd Degree (ABSN) Tuition $912/unit $912/unit
Assessment Technologies Institute Fee $702.25/semester* $702.25/semester*
Health Assessment Fee $150 (one-time fee)
Skills Lab Fee $450 (one-time fee)
Software Subscription $173 (one-time fee)
Student Service Fee
$110/semester $110/semester

Online Bachelor's Degree (OBD)

Business Administration and Leadership (teachout), Christian Education Leadership, Christian Ministry, Healthcare Management (teachout), Organizational Psychology

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Bachelor of Arts Degree $495/unit $495/unit
Bachelor of Science Degree $495/unit $495/unit

Townsend Institute (Master of Arts and Certificates)

Fee Summer Fall/Spring
Competence & Character Growth Model (Certificate) $683/unit $683/unit
Counseling (MA) $683/unit $683/unit
Executive Coaching & Consulting (MA) $627/unit $627/unit
Organizational Leadership (Certificate) $627/unit $627/unit
Organizational Leadership (MA) $627/unit $627/unit
Professional Coaching (Certificate) $627/unit $627/unit

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due and payable as stated on the Bursar's webpage. Tuition and fees may be paid at the Office of the Bursar located on the first floor of Grimm Hall North (Rooms 103/104) or online through MyRecords. Failure to pay fees by the established deadlines will result in a Bursar hold and/or late fees and may cause the student to be dropped from all classes.

Bursar Holds (Financial) on Unpaid Balances and Registration

Students who are past due in any debt to the university will have a Bursar hold on their account. This type of hold prevents:

  1. Registering for future semesters or classes
  2. Making changes to a current class schedule
  3. Checking into campus housing
  4. Picking up a cap and gown and participating in commencement
  5. Conferring of degree and receiving a diploma

In addition, the student's meal plan may be deactivated.

Upon withdrawal from the university, accounts with outstanding balances will be transferred to CUI's collection department. Failure to pay past-due balances will result in the account being turned over to a collection agency. When the university is forced to turn the account to collections, the student shall be responsible for all additional costs of collection including attorney fees and costs. In the event of court action to enforce this agreement, the student shall be responsible for paying all court costs and fees, including attorney costs and fees.

Refund Policy

Cancellation of Enrollment

A student may terminate enrollment prior to the beginning of the semester by contacting the Office of the Registrar at registrar@cui.edu.

Students should not assume that the university will drop them for non-payment of fees or for non-attendance. In addition, students must drop/withdraw from classes by the published deadlines to avoid charges or to be eligible for a full or pro-rated refund.

Instructional Materials

Information about refund and book buy-back policies is available in Follett's Bookstore.

Refund After Classes Begin

Students who withdraw from school after classes begin may apply in the Office of the Bursar for refunds (i.e., tuition, room, board). The student is responsible to pay any outstanding charges to the university. Please visit the Office of the Bursar website for more information about the university’s refund policy.

Title IV Federal Funds: Tuition, Fees, Room and Board

  1. Tuition and Fees
    Through Title IV, the university takes the responsibility, on behalf of the student, to credit the student’s account with federal funds to satisfy current charges for tuition and fees.
  2. Room and Board
    Through Title IV, excess federal funds creating a credit balance after tuition and fees are paid in full can be used to pay for room and board charges.

Note:  Students become immediately responsible for the entire outstanding balance on their account that is not covered by financial assistance.

The Federal Title IV refund policy operates independently of CUI’s refund policy. A student who has received Title IV funds and withdraws from school may owe the university for expenses no longer covered by returned federal aid.

Any excess funds from disbursements of Title IV funds create a credit balance on the student’s account. The university must pay this final credit balance directly to the student or parent borrower as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after one of the following, as agreed to on the Budgetary Agreement form:

  1. the beginning of the semester.
  2. after loan disbursement causing a credit balance.
  3. the date the school received notice from the student or parent borrower to cancel his/her authorization on a Budgetary Agreement form to have the school manage a credit balance.